Residence Hall Closing

The residence halls officially close for:

Spring 2023 semester on Sunday, May 14, 2023 at Noon.

If you need on-campus housing beyond this date, it does require a separate on campus contract. 

Please submit a Summer Housing Contract at the link below – preferably by May 1, 2023.

Apply for Summer 2023 Housing Here! Housing for the summer is in Pulliam Hall. The room rate for the summer term is $50/week up to $300 for the full summer.

  • Students are expected to checkout of the halls within 24 hours after their last final exam. Those involved in commencement are permitted to remain until halls close.
  • Cleaning and set up of room (See Check-out Procedure)
  • Lofts owned by the university can remain lofted
    • Futons purchased thru Bedloft.com or personal futons/furniture must be removed by student. Bedloft futons were a purchase not a rental.
  • Beds bunked (one bed under the other bed) must be unbanked.
    1. Remove personal items from room
    • Any personal items left in the room may result in a removal charge of up to $100.00.
    • Recheck all drawers, under bed and shelf in closet for any overlooked items.


    1. Clean room
    • Walls, ceiling, mirrors: Remove all posters, tape, stickers, and adhesives. Clean marks and residue off all surfaces.
    • Floor:  Do not sweep anything into the hall.
    • Door: Remove all tape, stickers, adhesives from both sides of the door. Clean marks and residue off both sides of door.
    • Windows & screens: Close and lock windows. Remove all tape, stickers, and adhesives. Clean marks and residue off window.
    • Furniture: Clean all furniture surfaces including chairs, desks, dressers, windowsills, etc. Remove all stains, smudges, tape, adhesives. 
    • Trash and recycling bins: Empty bins and wash them out. Take all trash and recycling to dumpsters.
    1. Remove bicycle from bike rack or bike locker (return bike locker key to Goodhue) if applicable).
    2. Fill out the information on the front of the Express Checkout Envelope 
      1. Name
      2. Hall
      3. Room #
      4. ID #
      5. Key Code
      6. Signature
      7. Date
      8. Time
    3. Close windows
    4. Lock your room door
    5. Check your mailbox one last time
    6. Place key in the Express Checkout Envelope (provided by your RA)
      1. Additional envelopes will be available by the front desk of your hall.
    7. Place sealed envelope in the designated Drop Box location located near your hall front desk.

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