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The Diversity Advocate Program is designed to enhance the lives of students at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

The DA program:

  • Is a group of UW-Whitewater students recruited and trained by University Housing. Training includes: leadership skills, group dynamics, needs assessments and program facilitation.
  • Is designed to raise awareness and to promote understanding and appreciation of the diversity of our community.
  • Creates an environment for enlightened discussion, dialogue, and sometimes debate, among students and peers.
  • Provides correct and current information which allows students to think about issues that relate to difference and diversity.

Current Programs:

The DA Program currently offers the following presentations:

Diversity 101

Designed to be an introduction to diversity issues. Serves as a way to ensure that everyone is aware of the need to be proactive and inclusive. This program highlights a interactive Privilege Walk. Participants assess and recognize the role Privilege plays in today’s society.

Diversity 201: Multiple Identities

A program that goes slightly beyond the basics in diversity issues. Creates an awareness of one's own identities and how they play a role in every day life. Participants assess and recognize the way their identities intersect and the way they interact with other's identities.

Relax. We're All the Same INSIDE!

This program encourages discussions about issues related to race through activities which promote understanding and tolerance.


This is one of our most active programs. Participants are guided through an obstacle course and are allowed to experience first-hand the effects of disabilities on everyday tasks.

That’s so GAY, and that’s OK!

An introduction to homosexual culture and what it means to be “out” in a residential environment.

Breaking the Binary

An interactive program that allows participants to assess the benefits of their gender as well as discuss the differences of gender advantages.

Overseas, Oversight

Discuss some of the issues, thoughts and concerns related to cross cultural communication and national bias.

Certification Programs:

The DA Program currently offers the following certification programs throughout the year:

Safe Zone I

This is a 2 1/2 hour program and offers students the opportunity to become Safe Zone Certified. A Safe Zone is a place that regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, and ability, you will be treated and respected as a human being. Ignorance, bigotry, and harassment are not welcome. A SAFE Zone is a place where all students can feel comfortable, whether they are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, heterosexual, a person of color, have an ability issue, or just need someone to talk to. Our purpose is to create an environment committed to diversity and mutual respect, where students can feel “safe” in discussing issues that shape and individualize us, regardless of sexual orientation, race, political perspective, religious belief, or physical state.

Safe Zone II

Allows participants of Safe Zone I to discuss how they used their certification to promote tolerance. Safe Zone II may be taken one semester after Safe Zone I.


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