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Diversity in higher education means many things: recruiting and maintaining a diverse student body and faculty, teaching to a diverse group of students, having an inclusive curriculum that reflects non-Western and minority group contributions and thinking, teaching in ways that critically examine the humanities and the professions from perspectives of groups that have been marginalized.

Resources Approach for Teaching Diversity

This website does not attempt to cover all of that territory. It focuses on course organization and classroom teaching. To assist University of Wisconsin-Whitewater faculty to prepare students to live and work in an increasingly heterogeneous society and world, an approach for teaching diversity is presented.
This approach for teaching diversity centers on A Dozen Suggestions for Enhancing Student Learning. For each of these, additional background material and suggested additional reading is provided. A description of applicable Exercises and Simulations is another important part of this website.
Additionally, there are Resources for Teaching Diversity (both on-campus and Internet-based) and a Calendar of Diversity Events for the semester.
This section of the LEARN Center website was funded under a UW-Whitewater Curriculum Diversity Infusion Training and Development Grant in Spring, 2003 and created by Jim Winship, Associate Professor of Social Work at the UW-Whitewater.

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