LEARN Center

Faculty Fellows

"Enhancing student learning through the ongoing development of faculty and staff"

The Learning Enhancement, Assessment and Research Network (LEARN) Center was established in 1998 to assist faculty and academic teaching staff in their ongoing work to better serve our students. Designed and directed by faculty and academic teaching staff, the LEARN Center provides a variety of programs, services, and resources that invite colleagues to learn from experts, explore important issues, share instructional ideas, examine research relevant to teaching and student learning, and develop relationships with colleagues from across campus. While the emphasis of the LEARN Center is on teaching and learning, we also seek to provide services relevant to enhancing research and service activities.

The LEARN Center is entering a new phase in which it will grow and develop both new and existing programs.  These changes provide leadership opportunities for tenured faculty and experienced academic staff at UWW.  We are inviting applications for four LEARN Center Faculty Fellows to support and foster teaching and learning on our campus. Each fellowship carries a 25% course reassignment for one academic year with the possibility of renewal for a second academic year.  We’re seeking tenured faculty and experienced academic staff with a demonstrated commitment to teaching and learning who are eager to share that knowledge and sense of commitment with others.

The LEARN Center Fellows will collaborate with the LEARN Center Director, Interim Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, the LEARN Advisory Board, and other campus partners.  Their duties are co-supervised by the LEARN Center Director and the Interim Dean of the School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education. The Fellows will collaborate on development and implementation of LEARN programs and as such will be part of the LEARN Leadership Team.  Common responsibilities include:

  • Collaboration with the LEARN Director and other Fellows in program development meetings
  • Participation on the LEARN Advisory Board
  • Oversight of individual LEARN Center programming
  • Design, implementation, and reporting of program evaluation
  • Commitment to a two-year term


In addition, each Fellow will have separate core roles and responsibilities for one of the following four initiatives:

1.  New Faculty/Instructor Professional Development

  • Mentorship of new instructors including:
    • Collaborate with co-facilitators to revise and deliver programming for the First Year Faculty Program.
    • Development of programming to support instructional academic staff.
  • Preferred candidates will be
    • Tenured and successful in balancing the demands of teaching, scholarship, and service. 
    • Knowledgeable of the goals of the First Year Program.
    • Interested in fostering the success of junior faculty and new instructors.

2.  Pedagogical Evaluation & Consultation

  • Consult and mentor faculty and instructors through the Mid Semester Assessment Program (MAP) in coordination with Directors of LEARN and the Office of Academic Assessment.
  • LEARN program evaluation – plan, collect, and review data on LEARN programming.
  • Collaboration with LEARN Director on the Peer Coaching Program.
  • Preferred candidates will be
    • Tenured faculty member or experienced academic staff member
    • Skilled in academic assessment
    • Able to show a record of teaching excellence
    • Comfortable working with faculty and instructors to develop course goals and provide individual mentorship
    • Skilled in communicating with others about effective teaching practices

3.  ACUE and Teaching Certificate Development

  • Implement and coordinate ACUE “Effective Teaching Practices” program http://acue.org/.
  • Collaborate with the LEARN Center leadership and advisory board to explore the development of new pedagogical certificates and/or badges.
  • Preferred candidates will be
    • Tenured faculty member or experienced academic staff member
    • Able to demonstrate a record of teaching excellence
    • Comfortable working with instructors to provide individual mentorship
    • Interested in pedagogical research and have some experience communicating that knowledge to others

4.  Program Development

  • Coordinate and develop LEARN workshops, in collaboration with LEARN staff.
  • Organize and develop LEARN Book Groups.  Maintain and develop LEARN online presence (including LEARN role in proposed Virtual Commons).
  • Promote and assist in UW-W involvement in OPID programs (e.g., recruitment and candidate selection).
  • Organize recruitment and selection of candidates for the Scholar Mentor Program.
  • Preferred candidates will be
    • Tenured faculty member or experienced academic staff member
    • Interested learning a range of administrative roles
    • Able to collaborate with faculty members and instructors in a wide range of disciplines

Applicants may apply for more than one fellowship, but may only hold one position.  If you are interested in more than one, please indicate your fit and priorities. Each Fellow will receive a 25% time re-assignment from teaching. 

Completed applications will include CV, letter of interest specifying Fellow role and relevant experience, a letter of support from your department chair proposing a plan for covering your reassignment and one additional letter of support.
To ensure full consideration, please email application materials to Sally Lange (langes@uww.edu) by August 11, 2017.

Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of members of the LEARN Center Advisory Board.  Finalist will be interviewed by that subcommittee the week of August 14th