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Campus Services to Academically Support Students

Project Assist

Project ASSIST is a supplementary, fee-based program that provides comprehensive and individualized support services to students in the Center for Students with Disabilities. The program is intended to empower students with the tools they need to be successful at UW-Whitewater and in the community. While the primary focus of Project ASSIST is academic support, the program also addresses strengthening the student's time management, organization and problem-solving skills. Eligible students may choose to participate in this program each semester. Project ASSIST provides two different types of services for students: individual tutoring and drop-in tutoring.

Andersen Library, Room 2002, 472.4788

Center for Students with Disabilities

Center for Students with Disabilities provides programs and services for students with physical disabilities. Academic Support Services within the unit provides special accommodations for testing, reading, and writing. Center for Students with Disabilities also houses Vocational and Work Experience programs.

Andersen Library, Room 2002, 472.4711

Honors Program

The Honors Program is designed for students who graduated in the upper 25% of their high school class and attained the requisite composite ACT score. Through participation in honors courses, the Great Works Program, faculty mentors, peer mentors, undergraduate research program, the Honors Program challenges students with special academic talents to fully realize their academic potential.

Andersen Hall, Room 2118, 472.1268

New Student Programs

The Program is designed to help students in their first year of college transition to university life. Through provision of specials programs such as the First Year Experience, orientation programs, Family Day and freshman convocation, New Students Programs exists as a resources and first contact for all first year students, regardless of their problem or concern.

University Center, Room 245, 472.1938

Campus Tutorial Services

Academic support services are available to all UWW students,  providing virtual and in-person assistance in developing general academic skills (e.g., test-taking, note-taking, study skills) and assistance in specific academic areas. Special assistance is available in the Math Center (provides walk-in assistance for a variety of math courses), the Writing Center (providing support in all stages of the writing process), Supplemental Instruction (structured study groups for specific courses) and the Tutorial Center (one-on-one tutoring available for a variety of courses).

Mary Poppe Christman Success Center

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