Center for Students with Disabilities


Project ASSIST is a fee-based tutoring program for students working with the Center for Disabilities.

General Information

The main purpose of Project ASSIST is to provide skill-based tutoring that can assist with the development of academic independence. Project ASSIST does not offer class-specific, content-based tutoring (e.g. History 143, COMM 202). Instead, it provides tutoring for writing and math skills, and Organizational skills.  

Tutoring Formats

Students with all Project ASSIST contracts have the option to seek drop-in tutoring in our tutoring lab. While individual tutoring may be possible in the lab, tutors are often working with multiple students. All drop-in tutors will specialize in either Math or English/Writing skills as well as organizational skills.

Students also have the opportunity to sign up for a package that allows for assigned one-on-one organizational, writing, and/or math tutors . 


For contract options and pricing, contact the Project ASSIST coordinator at 262.472.4711 or

Charges are placed on the student's bill. For students with DVR or DRS (Vocational Rehabilitation Services), speak with your Rehabilitation Counselor to see if they will cover the cost of this program. 

Please contact the Project ASSIST coordinator with any additional questions (262.472.4711 or