PreCollege Programs

STEM Training for Early Engagement and Readiness (STEER) Camp

Camp Description

The Office of PreCollege Programs offers this one-week camp for rising MS students. The STEM Training for Early Engagement and Readiness (STEER) camp is designed to strengthen student skills in math and science and expose students to careers in math, science, and technology focusing on sustainability. The STEER camp establishes a community of learners that develop and sustain interest in STEM and pursue these fields in postsecondary education (PSE). The program will continue to help students by: 

  1. Providing classroom instruction in academic areas 
  2. Introducing students to skill-building in technology, math, and science 
  3. Experiencing career options through hands-on activities 
  4. Interacting with college options through hands-on activities 
  5. Developing critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills 
  6. Teaching students strategies that will enable them to build on basic life skills in mathematics and science 

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Students will improve and build on their basic skills in math and science through classroom instruction and activities. Guided exploration time utilizes college student mentors as Curiosity Curators to explore topics related to engineering, robotics, urban gardening, and sustainability across disciplines. Students will also experience a “Going to College” workshop where they will learn about preparing for college, UW System Admissions process/requirements, financial aid, study skills, etc.

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