PreCollege Programs

The Great University Adventure

Great University Adventure (GUA)

Camp Description

The Office of PreCollege Programs offers this one-week camp for students in the 6th-12th grades with tiers of age-appropriate break-out sessions. The camp's overall goal is to expose students to career options by major at the postsecondary level.tudents will participate in activities each day related to a different “college” at the university level to better understand the vast array of major/career options not traditionally presented at the middle and high school levels.Students will spend one day each with the Colleges of Letters and Sciences; Arts and Communication, Business and Economics, Education and Professional Studies, and Integrated Studies.The final day will include activities with Leadership development to encourage student involvement and begin developing positive leaders.

Student are provided

  1. Innovative cross-curricular classroom instruction through a variety of PSE majors;
  2. Access to career options through hands-on activities;
  3. Interactions with college faculty and students;
  4. Targeted development of critical thinking, problem solving, analytical and executive functioning skills while exploring career options;
  5. Support to build skills in personal stability around stress management and identifying personal mission 

Students also experience a “Going to College” Workshop where they learn grade level appropriate direction in preparing for college (high school courses, financial literacy, career exploration, etc.).