Student Handbook

Bias-Free Environment

UW-Whitewater ("University") is committed to providing a campus environment and community that is free from hate, bias, discrimination, harassment and retaliation.  The University promotes and encourages equity, justice, inclusion, diversity and community through a respectful, open-minded and free exchange of ideas and opinions. The University fosters an environment in which all community members are respected, valued, and equally able to pursue their individual goals, whether it be an education or employment.

The University has developed a Hate-Bias Reporting Policy and online reporting form in which individuals may report hate-bias incidents.  Anyone who believes they have been subject to or have witnessed any form of hate, bias, discrimination, harassment or retaliation should submit the form below and/or contact the Dean of Students Office in Andersen Suite 2130, 262-472-1533.

Click here to access the Hate-Bias Incident Reporting FormPlease note: this online form and the information presented here are only for use in non-emergency situations.

If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please contact the UW-W University Police Department 24 hours a day, seven days a week by phoning 262-472-4660, or dial 911.