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Birth Control Methods

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UHCS offers counseling on all types of birth control methods, and numerous common types of birth control are available from UHCS at discounted prices for students. Current birth control methods offered at UHCS include (price and availability subject to change):

  • Condoms (external) - 5/$1 and up 
  • Birth Control Pills - $12 and up
  • Depo Shot - $75
  • Emergency Contraceptive (Econtra) - $12

If you are interested in obtaining prescription birth control through UHCS, please set up an appointment for a women's health annual exam ($20). If you have concerns about affording birth control or an annual exam, please visit our webpage about the state program for which many students are eligible - Family Planning Only Services - or setup an appointment by calling 262-472-1300.


Birth control methods, or contraceptives, are used to help prevent unintended pregnancies, but they are also commonly used for their non-contraceptive benefits (such as reduced menstrual cramps and more predictable periods). Methods of birth control range from condoms and other barrier devices to hormonal methods like rings or pills to implants in your arm or uterus, thus, finding one that best meets your needs is a very individualized decision. Talk with a health care provider at UHCS to find a method that will be easiest for you to use consistently and correctly and is also safe for you to use.



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