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Testing, treatment and counseling for many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are available at UHCS. Testing is often available at no-cost for qualifying students. For some STI testing, you don't even have to take your clothes off! Testing methods include urine testing, blood testing, and swabs or cultures of an exposed area or sore. 

Check out this 3 minute video to see what the STI testing process looks like at UHCS. 

STI People with  Vaginas  People with Penises Who will I see?
Chlamydia Vaginal Swab Urine Sample 20 minute nurse visit if you have no symptoms and no recent positive partners 
Gonorrhea Vaginal Swab Urine Sample 20 minute nurse visit if you have no symptoms and no recent positive partners 
Herpes Physical Exam Physical Exam 40 minute provider visit
Syphilis Blood Test Blood Test 40 minute provider visit
HIV Blood Test Blood Test 40 minute provider visit

Schedule an appointment online with UHCS for STI testing.


Sexually transmitted infections are extremely common in college students, with estimations that half of all sexually active young adults will get an STI by the age of 25, though most people won't know it ( The consequences of an untreated infection can be severe, including infertility and an increased risk of acquiring HIV, so value yourself and your intimate partners! Safer sex, regular STI testing, and prompt treatment are all very important ways to protect yourself and your sexual partners. Remember, many STIs are curable and ALL are treatable.

The infections for which you should be tested often depend on your personal sexual behaviors, but in general, you should talk to your health care provider at least yearly about which tests may be appropriate for you.

If you are of reproductive age (15 - 44 yrs), you may qualify for the Family Planning Only Services program in Wisconsin, which covers the cost for most birth control methods, annual exams, Paps and STD testing and treatment. To find out more, see Family Planning Only Services.



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