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Intercollegiate Athletics Committee



The function of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) is to act in an advisory role to the Chancellor and to the Director of Athletics regarding the development and conduct of the intercollegiate athletics program in order to maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the university's educational mission.



The IAC shall review and recommend policies for the intercollegiate athletics program in accordance with the guidelines of the university, national associations and conferences to which the university belongs. The Director of Athletics will provide the IAC with an annual report at the fall meeting regarding the financial, academic, competitive, and gender equity state of the overall program. The IAC will analyze the annual report to provide advice and oversight of the athletics program. Specifically, the IAC will consider the following areas and any other areas deemed appropriate by the Chancellor, IAC, and/or Director of Athletics:

  1. National association and conference affiliations.
  2. Financing
  3. Long-range athletic programming/planning.
  4. Gender equity.
  5. Addition or deletion of sports.
  6. Travel policy.
  7. Academic integrity.
  8. Admission policies and prices for athletic contests.
  9. Programmatic integrity.
  10. Student-Athlete eligibility.



9 voting members and 6 non-voting members

Voting Members:

  • Two Faculty Athletics Representatives (one of each gender), appointed by Athletic Director
  • Two Faculty elected at-large (one of each gender), elected by all university faculty
  • Two Academic staff (excluding coaching staff and administrators, with at least one of each gender and at least one non-instructional (category A) academic staff member and at least one instructional (category B) academic staff member), chosen by Academic Staff Assembly
  • Two SAAC representatives (President and Vice President)
  • One student at-large, chosen by Whitewater Student Government

Non-voting members (ex-officio):

  • Director of Athletics
  • Assistant Director of Athletics
  • Senior Women's Administrator
  • Sports Information Director
  • Athletics Program Assistant (Secretary of IAC)
  • Affirmative Action Officer



The following term limits shall be observed for members of the IAC:

Indefinite terms for Faculty Athletics Representatives who are selected and serve at the discretion of the Chancellor with input from the IAC and Director of Athletics.

Two-year staggered terms for elected faculty and academic staff members.

One-year terms for student members (SAAC and WSG).



Vacancies created by resignation or withdrawal from the University shall be filled by the Chair in consultation with the appropriate constituency group (e.g., Faculty Senate, Academic Staff Assembly, WSG, and SAAC). Other actions to remove members will follow Robert's Rules of Order. The new appointee shall complete the term of the member replaced.



The members of the committee shall elect a Chair. The Chair shall call, plan, and conduct business meetings of the IAC.



The IAC shall meet on at least 3 2 occasions- at least once during the fall semester and once during the spring semester. Additional meetings may be required and must be announced at least one week in advance unless there is

an emergency situation. When practical, materials presented to the IAC must be received by the membership at least four (4) days prior to the meeting. The Athletic Department's Program Assistant shall distribute the meeting agenda to all individuals on the committee at the direction of the IAC Chair.

The Athletic Department's Program Assistant shall serve as the IAC Secretary. The Secretary shall record the minutes of each meeting and distribute them to the Chancellor, Deans, University Archivist, members of the IAC, Faculty Senate Chair, Academic Staff Assembly Chair, head athletic coaches, and WSG President.

-Adopted at All-Faculty Meeting (Extraordinary Session) on 4/2/2019


Current Committee Membership


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