Campus Facilities Planning

Current Projects

CA35 Printmaking Lab Renovation (16F2F)

A lab mod project through UW System's Instructional Space Improvement Program, this project expands the footprint by approximately 900 SF improving safety and accessibility. The project also provides much needed ventilation and fire suppression in CA35 (printmaking) and CA45 (Costume collection). It is currently under construction and is slated for late summer completion.

New Residence Hall (15K2E)

Construction of a new, 6-story, 410 bed residence hall began during Spring Break 2018. Substantial completion is scheduled for end of July 2019.

Utility Corridor Improvements (17E2E)

A multi-phase utility corridor improvement project that will be implemented over several years. Phase 3 (Chiller Plant expansion) and Phase 4 (West Campus Residence area utility replacement) are currently under construction. Phase 5, creation of a central campus utility loop (steam and chilled water) and steam pit repairs, is in design and slated for Spring/Summer 2020 construction.

The Campus Address Re-Alignment Project has been completed to improve emergency response, wayfinding and alignment with the City of Whitewater addressing grid. The address grid is maintained in an information technology platform for 911. Changes put in place ensure data in system is optimal for emergency response. This has been a joint effort between the City of  Whitewater’s Planning Office and Emergency Response and Dispatch Office and UW-Whitewater’s Police Department, Parking Services, ICIT and Campus Facilities Planning Team.

Campus Address Re-Alignment Project document

Campus Address Re-Alignment Crosswalk Table - Quick Reference


In-Progress Projects

Summer 2019 Completed Project List

UWW State Project List         Status on current state projects on campus.

Instructional Space Improvements

Click here for link to list of instructional space improvement projects.

Additional Projects

  • Campus Address/Re-Address Update for Emergency Response
  • Center of the Arts - Noise abatement in music practice rooms (acoustical foam installation)
  • Williams Center - Racquetball Court Conversion to virtual putting/driving range
  • Rock Co Campus - Williams Hall Lobby Renovation
  • Community Engagement Center - partial occupancy late summer/early fall 2019

Recently Completed

4 picture banner depicting interior views of renovated buildings

Athletic Complex Buildings (15J1P)
This project addressed facility and program needs for the football and baseball service buildings. For the football program, this included a single story addition to the north side of the Stadium Athletic Services Building, which allowed the locker rooms to be reconfigured for the home team and expanded therapy area, including three hydrotherapy pools. The existing building underwent a partial renovation. The building was in use for the Fall 2018 Football Season.

The Baseball Service Building was a little more complex. The former second story was removed and the new addition included a new 2nd floor and an addition to the east and south of the existing first floor. The first floor is dedicated to baseball team support areas, while the second floor provides administration offices for Men's Baseball and Women's Soccer, as well as spectator viewing areas for baseball games and other events. Rough-ins were included for a future Pressbox / Concession building behind home plate. Occupancy is in progress and will be ready for the start of the spring sport season.

Both buildings have expanded physical therapy areas available to all sport programs. The therapy area in the Baseball Services Building is accessible from the outside, thus making it convenient for the teams using the adjacent fields.

Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office Relocated to Andersen Suite  2130 - Mall Level
Over winter break 2019, the Student Affairs and Dean of Students Office relocated from Hyer Suite 200 to Andersen Suite 1230.  The space is still undergoing some final reconfigurations and then the remainder of the Dean of Students staff will relocate from Hyer 1st Floor.  Access to this department can now be done from a new exterior entry from the south end of Wyman Mall, closest to West Main Street.