Campus Map

Campus Map

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Administrative & Academic
Alumni Center A3
Baseball Building D2
Campus Ministry C5
Greenhill Center of the Arts A2
Drumlin Hall C2
Esker Hall C5
General Services Building C7
Goodhue Hall C4
Ambrose Health Center B5
Heide Hall B5
Hyer Hall A4
Hyland Hall B4
DLK Kachel Fieldhouse C3
Laurentide Hall B2
Andersen Library A5
McCutchan Hall B3
McGraw Hall A4
Observatory A3
Perkins Stadium D3
Power Plant C4
Roseman Building B4
Student Athletic Complex D3
University Bookstore B4
University Center B4
Upham Hall B4
Visitor Center B3
White Hall B3
Williams Center C3
Winther Hall B6
Young Auditorium A2
Residence Halls
Arey Hall C2
Benson Hall C2
Bigelow Hall C2
Clem Hall C2
Fischer Hall C4
Fricker Hall C2
Knilans Hall C5
Lee Hall C2
Starin Hall B2
Tutt Hall C5
Wellers Hall C5
Wells Hall East C6
Wells Hall West C6
Residence Halls Parking Lots
8 Bigelow Lot C2
9 Warhawk Drive Lot C3
17 Fischer Lot C4
18 Esker Lot D5
19 Tutt-Wellers Lot D6
20 Wells Lot C7
24 Stadium Lot D3
Faculty/Staff & Commuter
Parking Lots
1 Arts Lot A2
2 Carlson Lot B2
4 Starin Hill Lot C5
11 Williams Center Lot D3
12 Library Lot A6
14 Starin-Prairie Lot B5
15 Health Center Lot C5
16 Goodhue Lot C4
Parking Lots with Metered Spots
1 Arts Lot A2
2 Carlson Lot B2
4 Starin Hill Lot C5
7 Starin Road Lot C3
8 Bigelow Lot C2
11 Williams Center Lot D3
12 Library Lot A6
13 Heide Lot B6
14 Starin-Prairie Lot B5
23 East Tennis Lot C5


University of Wisconsin-Whitewater
800 W. Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1790
Directory Assistance: (262) 472-1234
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