Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater has gone through an unprecedented period of change over the past five-years. During this time, the Warhawk community worked tirelessly to address the needs of our students, staff, and community stakeholders. The current Strategic Plan expires in 2022, and it seems a fitting time to explore the future goals of our institution. Over the next year, we will gather information and use what we have learned to create a 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.

Planning began in summer 2022 with the selection of two co-chairs to help facilitate the process. During the upcoming year, the regional, alumni, and campus communities will contribute to the creation of actionable goals that reflect our vision. To help achieve this mission, we will be guided by our vision, and values of diversity and opportunity, collaboration, integrity, service and social responsibility, learning and academic excellence and shared governance.  For informationon the stratigic planning process including the timeline and expert team resources, please visit the 2022-2023 Stratigic Planning Process page. 

The themes were created based on feedback from the Strategic Planning Open Forums, the UWW Strategic Planning and Budget Committee (SPBC), and Cabinet. University Marketing and Communication took the iterative drafts and wrote the final themes shared below. In keeping with the institutions mission to transform lives, the language is intentionally aspirational. The planning process continues with the selection of expert teams who will create appropriate goals and metrics aligned with each theme. 

Recognizing that our students have unique needs and individual strengths, we will embrace a university‐wide, holistic approach to teaching and support services to meet students where they are and engage them accordingly on their path to success. We will:

Enhance the value of a UW‐Whitewater education

From communication and problem‐solving ability, to critical thinking and intercultural competence, our students will develop valuable skills throughout their academic journey at UW‐Whitewater that make them both engaged citizens and outstanding candidates for careers and advanced education opportunities. We will achieve post‐graduation outcomes consistent with an exceptional liberal arts education.

Champion student diversity, inclusion and advocacy

Channeling our core value of diversity, we will successfully recruit, retain and graduate students from all backgrounds. We will model the very best “people‐first” approach to the delivery of our mission, where employees are approachable and responsive, spaces are welcoming, and students feel deeply connected and supported. To meet the ever‐changing demands of the higher education landscape, we will adapt our program delivery models to address students’ desire for accessible and flexible programs of study.

Advance outside‐the‐classroom experiences

To parallel our high‐quality academic programs, we will offer and promote highly effective co‐curricular programs that enhance the student experience and contribute to learning. We will initiate best practices in advising and support services university‐wide to ensure consistent quality across our institution. We will expand our ability to identify and address barriers to students enrolling in, continuing or finishing a program — with the goal of driving students to successful and timely program completion.

Deepen a culture of collaboration

Driven by a shared institutional purpose to transform lives, we will build robust partnerships across colleges, divisions, departments and the broader region to collaborate on projects and initiatives, to advance ideas, and to share and grow resources. With people as our most valuable resource, our workplace will serve as a regional exemplar by cultivating positive employee morale and supporting overall wellbeing for faculty, staff and students. We will identify issues and opportunities that arise and address them in a proactive and timely manner.