Partners in Education


The PIE program is a concurrent education program which provides a unique way to deliver rigorous curriculum to qualified high school students by allowing them to earn college credit while still fully engaged in the high school activities. By taking college credit in high school, students also set themselves apart by demonstrating that they can succeed in college classes.

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PIE at UW-Whitewater


The program also provides high schools and qualified teachers an opportunity to collaborate with university professors in their fields; this partnership helps both high schools and the university better prepare high school students for success in college.

Students who qualify for PIE fill out the PIE online application form and once they are accepted can enroll as UW-Whitewater students for the PIE courses offered at their school.

How does PIE work at UW-Whitewater?

Instructors are selected on the basis of criteria set up by each UW-Whitewater academic department; all require a master’s degree or significant graduate-level course work in the field of instruction as determined by the sponsoring department.

For more information contact

Jodi Galvan - Coordinator, Partners in Education. | 608-201-1744
Seth Meisel - Associate Dean, Continuing Education. | 262-472-1013