College of Letters & Sciences
Upham Hall

Nicholas Tippery
Associate Professor

Dr. Tippery is a native of Denver, Colorado and has also lived in Texas, Washington, and Connecticut. He earned a dual Bachelor's degree in Biology and Classics from the University of Dallas in Irving, Texas, and a Ph.D. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Connecticut. His research interests include aquatic plants, plant systematics (i.e., understanding relationships among species and ancestral changes in growth form), plant developmental morphology, and plant reproductive biology.


Dr. Tippery teaches the following classes at UW-Whitewater, among others:

  • BIOLOGY 251 - Introduction to Genetics
  • BIOLOGY 351 - The Plant Kingdom
  • BIOLOGY 353 - Plant Taxonomy


Recent publications include:

Tippery, N.P., Les, D.H., and E.L. Peredo. 2015. Nymphoides grayana (Menyanthaceae) in Florida verified by DNA and morphological data. Journal of the Torrey Botanical Society 142: 325-330.

Tippery, N.P., Les, D.H., and D.J. Crawford. 2014. Evaluation of phylogenetic relationships in Lemnaceae using nuclear ribosomal data. Plant Biology 17 (suppl. 1): 50–58.

Tippery, N.P., Schilling, E.E., Panero, J.L., Les, D.H., and C.S. Williams. 2014. Independent origins of aquatic Eupatorieae (Asteraceae). Systematic Botany 39: 1217–1225.

Tippery, N.P. and D.H. Les. 2013. Hybridization and systematics of dioecious North American
Nymphoides (N. aquatica and N. cordata; Menyanthaceae). Aquatic Botany 104: 127–137.

Tippery, N.P., Les, D.H., and C.S. Jones. 2012. Evolution of inflorescence architecture in Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). Aquatic Botany 99: 11–19.

Tippery, N.P. and D.H. Les. 2011. Phylogenetic relationships and morphological evolution in Nymphoides (Menyanthaceae). Systematic Botany 36: 1101–1113.