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Jennifer Thibodeaux
Department Chair & Professor 
Phone: 262-472-1116
Location: Laurentide Hall 5223
Ayn Hess
Academic Department Associate
Phone: 262-472-1103
Location: Laurentide Hall 5221


History is studied for many reasons. It is our social memory, telling us who we are, where we belong, and where we seem to be going. History takes us out of the present, broadens the horizons of our minds, makes us aware of human possibilities, and confronts us with the awareness that our present culture is neither the only way, nor perhaps the best way, that human beings have lived.

History Major

A major in history provides broad preparation for careers in teaching and business, as well as for professional training in law, journalism, management, and university teaching. But most importantly, history helps to develop a breadth of vision, a capability for critical thinking, and a fundamental understanding of human society permitting a person to grow and adapt to the changing career opportunities in the modern world.  

History Department

The History Department at UW-Whitewater offers students three (3) 36-unit tracks in history, public history, or secondary education, as well as a two (2) minor programs in history and history education.  The department offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences degrees and also offers a Bachelor of Science in Education for students wishing to teach history or social studies at the elementary, middle or high school level. The Department produces more social studies teachers every year than any other campus in the UW system.     

The Department also prides itself on providing students with rigorous training in writing, research, and analytical thinking.  Coursework is offered in Early and Modern United States, Pre-Modern, Early, and Modern European, African, Asian, Latin American, Middle Eastern, and Global/Comparative history. The faculty in the History Department includes specialists in all areas of the globe.  Small class sizes and one-on-one involvement in undergraduate research opportunities and internships make UW-Whitewater an excellent choice for the student of history.  

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