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About the Faculty Senate

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Faculty Senate Chair
David Simmons
Associate Professor / Department Chairperson - Philosophy & Religious Studies
(262) 472-1232

The Faculty Senate is the body to which all faculty committees except the Organization Committee and the Elections Committee report. All faculty are members of the senate, which is presided over by the Senate Chair, as outlined in the faculty constitution.

The main responsibilities of the senate are to act as a liaison between the faculty and the campus administration, to aid in campus planning and academic policies and to stand as a consultive agency when called upon by the Chancellor.

 It meets at least once a month, September through May. A certain number of Senators are elected from each faculty rank (Professor, Associate Professor, etc.) to hold position in the senate, but all faculty members are invited to attend meetings. More information about these procedures are laid out in the faculty constitution.

UW-W Post-Tenure Review Form

The Faculty Senate passed FS 1718-19: Approval of Post-Tenure Review Indicators and Form on 04/10/18; FS 1718-19 was amended by the Faculty Senate on 05/08/18, and further amended by the Faculty Senate Executive Committee on 05/16/18 and 06/12/18 in response to administration concerns. The amended FS 1718-19 was transmitted to the Chancellor on 06/13/18 and approved by the Chancellor on 07/26/18.

Download the final and approved form here 

UW-W Post-Tenure Review Policy

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee passed the resolution FSEC 1617-06: UW-W Post-Tenure Review Policy on March 28, 2017. It was transmitted to the Chancellor on March 28, 2017 and was forwarded by the administration to UW System administration. This document replaced the earlier , now rescinded, versions FSEC 1617-04 (November 1, 2016) and FSEC 1617-5 (December 22, 2016). FSEC 1617-06 was approved by the Board of Regents on April 7 2017.  

Read the policy here

Questions? Comments?

For comments or questions please e-mail facsenate@uww.edu.

Faculty Senate Chair

David Simmons
(262) 472-1232