Faculty Senate Committees

There are many committees within the Faculty Senate, and many ways for faculty members to get involved in the campus community. Most committees involve serving a term of two or three years.

Standing Committees

Faculty Committees

Faculty Personnel Rules Committee
Vacant (A&C) 2019
Vacant (EDU) 2019
David Simmons (L&S) 2020
Vacant (At-large, 50% non-teaching load) 2021
Vacant (At-large) 2019
Joshua Knapp (At-large) 2020
Vacant (B&E) 2018
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General Education Review Committee
Rachel Wood (A&C/Library) 2020
Vacant (B&E) 2018
Vacant (EDU) 2018
Barbara Bren (Library) 2019
John Frye (L&S ) 2019
? (Communications) - Elected by Dept.


? (Language and Literatures) - Elected by Dept.


? (Mathematics) - Elected by Dept.


? (Computer Science) - Elected By Dept.


Tammy French

(Communication 110 Coordinator
Development and Proficiency Mathematics Coordinator
Freshman English Coordinator)


Jessica Menke

(L&S Natural Sciences rep.
Diversity Committee
GENED 110 Coordinator
GENED 120 Coordinator
GENED 130 Coordinator
GENED 140 Coordinator
GENED 390 Coordinator)

Jen Regan

(PEGNRL 192 Coordinator)

Liz Hachten

(General Education Coordinator)

Joan Cook

(Academic Assessment Director)

Pam Tanner

(Academic Advising & Exploration Center Director)

Beth John

(Director of First Year Programs)

Trelana Daniel

(Administrator from Student Affairs)

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Academic Development Committee
Amal Ibrahim (A&C/Library) 2020
Vacant (A&C/Library alt) 2020
Yuan Yuan (B&E) 2020
Soroush Aslani (B&E alt) 2020
Jason Shurley (EDU) 2019
Lama Bergstrand Othman (EDU alt) 2019
Leon Arriola (L&S) 2019
Vacant (L&S alt) 2019
Diana Shull (Lib) 2019
Barbara Bren (Lib alt) 2019
Jennifer Thibodeaux (At-large) 2020
Brandi Niemeier (At-large) 2019
Beth Lueck (At-large alt) 2020
Asmahan Sallah (At-large alt) 2019
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Admissions and Academic Standards Committee
Mike Dugan (A&C/Library) 2019
Glenn Hayes (A&C master advisor, university or college) 2020
Matthew Sintchak (A&C/Library alt) 2019
Hephzibah Kumpaty (L&S) 2019
John Fyre (L&S master advisor, university or college) 2019
Khyam Paneru (L&S alt) 2019
Karla Saeger (EDU) 2020
Vacant (EDU master advisor, university or college) 2020
Michael Hammer (EDU alt) 2020
Cathy Xue (B&E) 2020
Vacant (B&E master advisor, university or college) 2020
Ran (Nancy) Tao (B&E alt) 2020
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Assessment Committee
Amal Ibrahim (A&C/Library) 2019
Kwangseog Ahn (B&E) 2019
Katy Casey (EDU) 2020
Dan Baumgardt (L&S) 2020
Ed Frederick (Chair) (Comm) - Electd by Dept. 2016
Marc Zunac (L&L) - Electd by Dept. 2016
Fe Evangelista (Math) - Electd by Dept. 2016
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Audit and Review Committee
Jiazhen Zhou (At-large) 2020
Bill Miller (At-large) 2019
Barbara Bren (At-large) 2021
Ahmad Yamin (B&E) 2021
Louise Tourigny (B&E) 2019
Pascal Letourneau (B&E) 2020
Sarah Hessenauer (L&S) 2021
Hephzibah Kumpaty (L&S) 2019
Yeongmin Kim (L&S) 2020
Corey Davis (A&C/Library) 2021
S.A. Welch (A&C/Library) 2020
Eric Appleton (A&C/Library) 2019
Andrea Ednie (COEPS) 2021
James Collins (COEPS) 2020
Karla Saeger (COEPS) 2019
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Campus Landscape & Planning Committee
Tia Schultz (EDU) 2019
Beth Lueck (L&S) 2019
Eric Compas (Faculty Senate) 2019
Vacant (Faculty Senate) 2018
Barbara Grubel (A&C/Library) 2020
Aditya Simha (B&E) 2020
Vacant (Student Affairs)
Steve Bertagnolli (Administrative Affairs) 2017
Vacant Classified Employee

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Diversity Committee
Amal Ibrahim (A&C) 2019
Rashiqa Kamal (B&E) 2019
Stanislav Vysotsky (Hum & Soc Sci) 2020
Vacant (EDU) 2020
Hala Ghomeim (L&S) 2020
vacant (Hum & Soc Sci) 2016
Martha Stepehenson (Lib) 2020
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Elections Committee
Cristina Ballatori (A&C/Library) 2019
Arjan Premti (B&E) 2019
Lindsey Greviskes (EDU) 2020
Hala Ghoneim (L&S) 2019
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Faculty Appeals, Grievances, and Disciplinary Hearing Committee
Leon Arriola (At-large)
D'Arcy Becker (At-large)
Vacant (At-large)
Denton Marks (At-large)  
Abdelkrim Boukahil (At-large)  
Jo Ann Oravec (At-large)
Kathy Brady (At-large)
Richard Cummings (At-large)
Vacant (At-large)  
Erin Celello (At-large)  
Rashiqa Kamal (At-large)  
John Ejnik (At-large)  
Hephzibah Kumpaty (At-large)
Zaifeng Fan (At-large)
Alvaro Taveira (At-large)
Howard Ross (At-large)
Hala Ghoneim (At-large)
Sarah Hessenauer (At-large)  
Elizabeth Olson (At-large)  
Kate Ksobiech (At-Large)
Benjamin Whitcomb (A&C/Library)
Matthew Sintchak (A&C/Library)
Max White (A&C/Library)  
Glenn Hayes (A&D/Library)
Manohar Madan (B&E)
Roger Yin (B&E)
Louise Tourigny (B&E)
Vacant (B&E)  
Nomsa Gwalla-Ogisi (EDU)
Edric Johnson (EDU)  
Anne Stinson (EDU)
Ozalle Toms (EDU)
Mark Lencho (L&S)
Baocheng Han (L&S)
Tony Gulig (L&S)  
John McGuigan (L&S)  
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Faculty Budget Committee
Susan Messer (A&C/Library) 2019
Alicia DeGregorio (L&S) 2019
Jo Burkholder (At-large) 2020
Vacant (EDU) 2020
Zachary Oster (At-large) 2019
Cathy Xue (B&E) 2020
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Faculty Salary Committee
Tony Gulig (At-Large) 2019
Susan Messer (Prof) 2019
Vacant (Assoc) 2020
May Vang (Asst/Inst) 2020
Rachel Chaphalkar (At-Large) 2020
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Honors Council
Elizabeth Kim Office of Provost and Vice Chancellor Continuing
S-A Welch (A&C/Library) 2019
Leon Arriola (L&S) 2019
Benjamin Whitcomb (At-Large) 2019
Kimberly Nath (At-Large) 2020
Adi Simha (B&E) 2020
Yao Fu (EDU) 2020
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Intercollegiate Athletics Committee
Brian O'Neill (At-large, male) 2020
Anne Stinson (At-large, female) 2019
John Chenoweth

(Faculty Athletics Representative, male)

Susan Johnson (Faculty Athletics Representative, female) Indefinite
Curt Weber (Academic Staff, male) 2019
Ellen Lattorrace (Academic Staff, female) 2019
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Organization Committee
Kristen Lavelle (L&S) 2019
David Munro (B&E) 2020
Glenn Hayes (Chair) (A&C/Library) 2020
Vacant (EDU) 2020
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Textbook Rental Committee
Nomsa Gwalla-Ogisi (EDU) 2019
Eric Loepp (L&S) 2019
Vacant (A&C/Library) 2020
Yuan Yuan (B&E) 2020
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University Library Services Committee
Amy Stevens (EDU) 2019
Stanislav Vysotsky (L&S) 2019
Anne Stinson (Grad Faculty) 2020
Vacant (A&C/Library) 2020
Eylem Ersal (B&E) 2020
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University Program Array Review Committee
Greg Cook Provost Designee (Co-Chair)
Kathy Brady (A&C) 2021
David Munro (B&E) 2021
Annie Stinson (E&PS) 2020
Elena Levy-Navarro (L&S) Faculty Chair 2020
David Simmons (FSEC)
Corey Davis (Graduate Council)
Amy Verbos (Tenured Faculty) At-Large 2021
Nadine Kriska (Academic Staff Assembly)
Elizabeth Watson (Student Affairs)
Kristen Mortimer (University Staff Council)
Student (Vacant) (WSG)
John Chenoweth (Dean) Provost Appointee
Kim Kostka (Integrated Studies) 2021
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University Standards Committee
Glenn Hayes (A&C/Library) 2019
Yuhan (Cathy) Xue (B&E) 2019
Lucy Heimer (EDU) 2019
Elizabeth Olson (L&S) 2019
Vacant (A&C/Library) 2021
Vacant (B&E) 2021
Liesl Gapinski (EDU) 2021
Hephzibah Kumpaty (L&S) 2021
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Questions? Comments?

For comments or questions please e-mail facsenate@uww.edu.

Faculty Senate Chair

David Simmons
(262) 472-1232