Student Responsibility for Absence Reports and Make-Ups

Notifying instructors and arranging of make-up work in cases involving absence of students from class are the responsibility of the student. A student who is absent should notify instructors by phone or in person of the absence as soon as possible. If contact with instructors cannot be made directly, the student should see that a note is placed in each instructor's mailbox, explaining the nature of the situation and inquiring about the effect of the absence on the student's course work. If that is impossible, the student should call the academic departments involved.

In serious situations where the student is incapacitated and temporarily unable to perform the aforementioned responsibilities, family members may contact the Dean of Students Office, (phone: 262-472-1533) for assistance with these matters. The Dean of Students Office would then provide notification (not verification) of the absence to the instructors involved; however, arrangements for make-up work, make-up exams, or possible assignment adjustments are entirely the responsibility of the student. The University Health and Counseling Services and the Dean of Students Office do not provide excuses for absences from class due to illness.

If students have questions or need consultation regarding specific situations, they are encouraged to contact their instructors or the academic department involved.