Student Handbook

Use and Abuse of Alcohol

UW-Whitewater has established an environment that allows for only the legal and responsible use of alcohol. The university's interest is in maintaining the safety and well-being of all students and community members. UW-Whitewater recognizes that alcohol abuse has a negative impact on students' emotional, social, physical and academic lives. Alcohol abuse affects not only the person who abuses alcohol but impacts the whole community. Steps will be taken to intervene when a student's use of alcohol comes to the attention of the university. Both disciplinary and counseling efforts may be utilized to help a student whose alcohol use is problematic. Consider the following when someone's alcohol use is in question:

  1. Illegal and/or abusive use of alcohol on the UW-Whitewater campuses is prohibited.
  2. Students who choose not to use alcohol shall have this right respected and accepted by other students.
  3. At all campus events where alcohol is present, only responsible and legal alcohol use is allowed of UW-Whitewater students, faculty, staff and their guests.
  4. Any use of alcohol that results in a student's inappropriate behavior may result in both disciplinary and counseling referrals, when brought to the attention of university staff. The incident may also be referred to the UW-Whitewater Police Department.
  5. UW-Whitewater recognizes that alcohol abuse is a major threat to the health and safety of college students and that students can learn to change their use patterns, if appropriately motivated and/or treated.
  6. Students who suspect that they may be having problems with alcohol are encouraged to seek help.
  7. No one will have their student status jeopardized by their request for assessment and/or treatment for alcohol or other drug problems.
  8. All counseling records are confidential.
  9. If faculty, staff, or students feel alcohol use is interfering with a student's functioning, they should encourage that student to seek an assessment and possible referral for treatment.
  10. Free counseling services are available to UW-Whitewater students, though they will not be provided to meet legal, court-ordered, requirements (excludes Rock County students).

Although only alcohol and problems with alcohol use are cited above, any form of chemical/substance abuse will be addressed similarly. For more information or to seek help, contact University Health and Counseling Services at (262) 472-1305.