Bias-Free Environment

The UW-Whitewater is proud to affirm its commitment to a community in which all students, staff and faculty are accepted and judged as individuals, independent of ancestry, social background, physical characteristics or personal beliefs.

The University has no tolerance for discriminatory or harassing behaviors. The Board of Regents has clearly stated that discriminatory harassment based on race, sex, religion, color, creed, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, ancestry or age is contradictory to the goals of the institution. If you witness or are subjected to behaviors of this kind, there are offices and services to offer you support, counseling and advice.

What to Do if You Witness or Experience Discrimination?

If you believe that a student is responsible for the discriminatory or harassing behavior, report the incident to the office of the Dean of Students. They will provide support, explain the instances in which disciplinary action can be taken, indicate whether your situation involves a violation of student conduct, help you sort out alternative courses of action, and direct you to additional resources. There are many services and student organizations designed specifically to address the needs of students of color, women, gay, lesbian and bisexual students, international students, disabled students, or returning adult students. The Dean of Students office will provide you information on these and many other organizations working to eliminate discrimination on campus.

If you believe that an employee of the University is responsible for the discriminatory or harassing behavior, report the incident to the Assistant to the Chancellor, Affirmative Action and Diversity. They will review the situation and the options with you. The options may include an investigation and recommendations to remedy the situation.