Bias-Free Environment

The UW-Whitewater ("University") is committed to providing a campus environment and community that is free from discrimination, harassment or retaliation.  The University promotes and encourages inclusivesness, diversity and community through a respectful, open-minded and free exchange of ideas and opinions to encourage education, understanding and growth in students, faculty and staff that will foster an environment where all community members are respected, valued, and free to equally participate and pursue an education, employment, recreational activities and social community.

The University has created a Hate-Bias Reporting Policy and online reporting form in which individuals may seek information or redress from the University in regard to allegations of hate or biased incidents that detract from an inclusive and welcoming environment.  Any individual who believes they have been subject to or witnessed any form of hate, bias, discrimination, harassment or retaliation should submit the form below and/or contact the Dean of Students Office for further assistance and information.  Note:  If you are concerned for the immediate safety of yourself or others, please contact the UW-W University Police Services at 216.368.3333 or dial 911.  This online form and the information presented here is only for use in non-emergency situations.

Hate-Bias Incident Reporting Form