Get Hired

If you are a first-time employee of UW-Whitewater, we need to verify your employment eligibility. You will need to complete Section 1 of the I-9 form, and provide original, unexpired documents to verify your identity. A complete list of acceptable documents may be found on page 9 of the I-9 packet.

NOTE: The I-9 employment verification process is a Federal requirement, and must be completed on, or before, your first day of work. We  CANNOT accept copies of any document.

Additional paperwork required to complete the hiring process includes:
Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate - W-4 Form
Direct Deposit Authorization - You will need your checking and/or savings account numbers to complete this form.
Selective Service Compliance - Required for all male U.S. citizens 18 - 25 years of age.

A Criminal Background Check will be conducted for students hired into specific roles, such as those working with children, etc. Your hiring manager will let you know if this process is required of you.