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We ask you to contact us via email at if you have any further questions or concerns.


Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Campus Tutorial Services, a learning organization where tutees and tutors continually expand their capacities to learn and grow.

We offer academic assistance and enrichment utilizing a peer-driven, cooperative learning model. Our learning assistants work with both small groups and clients in one-on-one sessions. During these sessions, interaction is stressed as the learning assistant guides and mentors the client through the area in question until he or she feels comfortable with it.

There is no cost for using the services. We work with all University of Wisconsin-Whitewater students free of charge.

Using Campus Tutorial Services is akin to practicing preventative medicine: if you consult us soon enough and often enough, we probably can help you survive and thrive academically. If you let your school work slide and wait too long before seeking our assistance, we may not be able to save you.

The Marry Poppe Chrisman Student Success Center is located between the Center of the Arts and Laurentide Hall. The staff of our Public Relations office can answer any questions you may have; either call 262-472-1230 or stop by during its hours of operation.

Campus Tutorial Services is offering a wide range of assistance for 2018 Spring Semester.

Spring 2018
Monday - Thursday   8 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Friday   8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

We can also be reached by e-mail at

The list to the left shows the content areas we currently offer support for. Please click on the appropriate link for further information. If you are in need of assistance for a subject we don't offer, please call 262-472-1230.


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We would like to say congratulations to tutors and members of the office staff who made the Dean's List during the Fall 2016 semester and/or the Spring 2017 semester.

Dean's ListDean's List

Nicholas Abler

Alexis Kyano 

Carol Alvarez

Connor Larsen 

Eleana Alvarez

Joseph Liberman 

Samantha Babcock

Katelyn Lofgren 

Jacob Babiuk

Margaret Lotzer

Callie Barbeau

Sarah Malek

Brianna Beals

Ryan Marshick

Jered Bares

Melissa Mauer

Martin Bearson

Josef Maurer


Katlyn Benitez

Regan McCauley

Angela Brandl

Alyssa Megna

Alyssa Brush

Braeden Michael

Nikki Bourland

Elizabeth Mielke

Marissa Bunge

Dayna Mohr

Shannon Burback

Merari Morales 

Marta Burwell

Nicole Mutchler

Meredith Byar

Jennifer Nowak

Madeline Carroll

Sanguen Oh

Kwun Ming Chan

Amanda Otzelberger

Vanessa Collins

Noah Padgett

Emily Clifford

William Petry

Grace Devine

Benjamin Pike

Courtney DeVries

Cole Pinno

Arunjit Dhillon

Benjamin Quartemont

Katherine Dondlinger

Zouling Qin


Amber Dorman

Derek Ramsey

Nicole Dunn

Brittany Redden


Luke Eiden

Leah Richter

Brianna Eland

Molly Robbins

Brianna Falk

Rutter Hope

Rachel Fehrman

Mikayla Sawejka

Kathryn Fisher

Brandi Schaefer

Kayla Fischer

Erik Schmelling

Aubrey Fochs

 Taylor Scot

Louisa Fredriksson

Elijah Schumacher

Ariel Fried

Jamie Sharp

Anna Fry

Rachel Siemon

Sarah Fuerstenberg

Brock Splittgerber 

Julia Graybill

Christopher Stasiewski

Jacob Green

Olivia Street 

Taylor Griffith

Rachel Stuberg

Amy Gutknecht

 Paige Taylor 

John Guy

Sarah Tiffany

Kimberly Harry

Tiffany Timpel

Staci Hasler

Promise Triplett


Austin Hofer

Jordan Van Zummeren 

Samantha Howe

Sarah Weaver

Benjamin Johnson

Tessa Weber

Helen Johnson

Karina Westrick

Jon Karnowski

Cassidy Wawrzos

Alexander Kloepping

Marlee Williams

Alyssa Knight

Amber Wolfe

Seth Kopczynski

Alexander Veit

Mackenzie Kropidlowski

Anabel Voung

Brittany Kutka


Congratulations to all of our tutors and office staff who participated in UWW Undergraduate Research Day on March 16, 2017!

UWW Undergraduate Research DayUWW Undergraduate Research Day
Anna Fry    General Chemistry 
Mackenzie Kropidlowski Psychology
Josef Maurer History
Elizabeth Mielke Physical Education
Karina Westrick Psychology