CONSTRUCTION TO IMPACT CAMPUS: Beginning March 26th, 2018, perimeter fences will be installed on campus around the construction site for the new residence hall.  These fences will block off parts of parking lots 7 and 9, the sidewalk next to those lots (East of the parking lots), and the sidwalk running from Fischer Hall to Warkhawk Drive (North of the parking lots, outside the graveyard).  This will also decrease the parking available in lots 7 and 9. A map of the perimeter can be seen here.  Additionally, parking lot 16 and the driveway between Fischer and Goodhue WILL BE CLOSED for construction November 5th - 23rd.  However, the sidewalk that runs north and south along Fischer and Goodhue WILL BE OPEN to pedestrians.

LUNCH &LEARN: Are you confused why you are being asked if you have a disability when applying for some jobs? Do you know this is not disclosing your disability? On 11/16, from 12:30 - 1:30 in UC 266, CSD is hosting a FREE Lunch & Learn workshop on the difference between self-identifying and self-disclosing disability.  To sign up please fill out this survey.

INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Employment Connections is excited to share PAID internship information for both Spring and Summer 2019, open for students in any year of college.  Spring 2019, with Opportunities Inc. and Diversified Personnel Services (DPS): Human Resources Intern, Fort Atkinson; On Boarding Intern, Fort Atkinson; Guardianship Intern, Dane County. Summer 2019, with American Family Insurance: Property Desk Adjuster Intern; Property Claims Analyst Student Internship; Life Distribution Student Internship.  Want to apply or need more information?  Email your resume and which opportunities you're interested in to Giorgianne Maziarka at and fill out this survey if you are not yet connected with Employment Connections.

ALTERNATIVE TESTING: Please submit all Testing Requests at least five (5) business days before the test is scheduled in the class.  You must complete Alternative Testing Contracts before you are able to submit the Requests.  All Requests for final exams MUST be in no later than 4:30 PM on December 1st.  For classes with all online exams, CSD will proctor the exam IF: a scribe or reader is needed and you don't have an Out of Class aide; assistive technology is needed that you do not have on your personal computer; the exam must be proctored and the instructor is unable to proctor for your full extended time.  Please see your DSC with questions.

ALTERNATE FORMATS:  Please remember to turn in your Alternative Media Requests as soon as possible. It can take 4-6 weeks from the time your request is submitted to get the converted text to you!

FRAGRANCE FREE ZONE: Perfumes, cologne, scented body spray, lotions, aftershaves, hair-care products and other scented products affect the health of many people. Scented products can trigger mild to severe reactions such as respiratory distress, migraines, and nausea.  Please do not wear scented products in this office.



FREE Lunch & Learn: Workshop on the difference between self-identifying and self-disclosing disability. 11/16, 12:30 - 1:30, UC 266.  Sign up here.

CSD CLOSED: 11/22 (Thanksgiving Holiday)

Last day to DROP ALL classes and withdraw from the semester: 11/30


Campus Study Day: 12/12 (No exams proctored by CSD)

Final Exams: 12/13 - 12/20