The University Honors Program (UHP) is an academic experience for motivated undergraduate students who seek a challenging and intellectually enriched learning environment.  The program cultivates students in their academic development by providing small classes and seminars that are led by some of the university's most accomplished teachers and scholars. It also allows students to work one-on-one with their professors on customized H-Option projects. 

Further, through high-impact practices such as study abroad/ travel studyHonors conference participation, the Honors Advantage Learning Community, special field trips, service learning projects, and scholarship opportunities, the program supports Honors students to achieve their full potential as students, prospective professionals, and future civic leaders.  Finally, the program has fashioned fruitful collaborations with the Undergraduate Research Program and the McNair Scholars Program.


  1. The UHP will engage the campus in a yearlong conversation on “What do we want the University Honors Program to be on our campus? What is our vision for the future of the UHP?“ Please join us in this conversation.
  2. All Honors students who successfully complete a special H-Option Project are invited to convert their project into a conference poster or presentation at the Upper Midwest Regional Honors Conference (UMHC) in Spring 2018. The UHP will be sending out more details about the Honors conference later in the fall.
  3. Consider signing up for one or more Honors 498 courses (1 credit, graded S/NC). These courses are designed to be community-building and personal-enrichment courses. Honors 498 courses are repeatable up to six times. Below are the three Honors 498 courses in 2017-18:
    • Honors 498.01 Multicultural Events
      Honors Director Dr. Elizabeth KimStudents attend several multicultural events on campus and report back to the class on their discoveries. The class will culminate in a dinner at the instructor's house. Offered in Fall 2017. Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Kim

    • Honors 498.02 Honors Common Read
      This year’s book is The Impossible Will Take a Little While: Perserverance and Hope in Troubled Times by Paul Loeb. This is a collection of writings by some of the most influential voices in history, and they will be examined in relation to our current political climate. The list of special components and more information about this course will be available soon. Offered in Spring 2018, 1st five weeks. Instructor: Dr. Jonah Ralston

    • Honors 498.03 Honors Seminar
      The theme will be “Diversity and Multiculturalism”—details to follow. Offered in Spring 2018, 2nd five weeks. Instructor: Dr. Laura Porterfield.

  4. Honors Field Trips in 2016-17: Urban Ecology Center (Riverside Park location) in Milwaukee, WI.
  5. Plan Ahead! Honors students may enroll in Travel Study 491: Sociology Honors to Ireland and UK (3 credits) from late May to mid June 2019. Honors students who have enrolled in this course have attested to the richness of the experience. Sign up for the course, and experience the wonders of the course for yourself! Gather an idea of what the travel study entails by taking a look at the spring 2017 trip: go here.
  6. The UHP website features a section called “Honors Students in the Spotlight.” If you would like to be included in the spotlight for a special achievement as an Honors student, please do let the UHP know. In addition, if you would like to contribute a video or written testimonial about how the UHP has enriched you academically or personally, you are welcome to do so.
  7. Periodically check the homepage for UHP news and important announcements, including application deadlines for Honors scholarships/awards.