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How to calculate your GPA

Calculating your Grade Point Average (GPA) is simple and important. Knowing your GPA is important in measuring your progress. To determine your GPA and academic standing for any given semester, UW-Whitewater uses the honor point system in which each letter grade has a numerical value. Each grade is given the following point value, which is defined as "Honor Points":

Grade A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D D- F
Honor Points 4.0 3.67 3.33 3.0 2.67 2.33 2.0 1.67 1.33 1.0 0.67 0.0

Each course is worth a specific number of units. Most courses at UW - Whitewater are three unit courses although some might be one unit, five units, etc. NOTE: Satisfactory (S) will be recorded on the academic record but it will not be computed in the grade point average. Do not include this grade when doing a GPA calculation.

Step 1 – Determine Honor Points for each class

The Honor Points earned in a particular class are determined by:
Final Grade multiplied by Number of Units Assigned to Class
Example: C+ in ENG 101 (3 unit class)
3 units X 2.33 pts (C+) = 6.99 honor pts

Step 2 – Calculate GPA

Divide Total Honor Points earned by Total Number of Units Attempted


Eng 101 (C+): 3 units X 2.33 pts = 6.99 honor pts
Math 141 (B+): 4 units X 3.33 pts = 13.32 honor pts
Gened 110 (C -) 3 units X 1.67 pts = 5.01 honor pts
Astro 112 (A) 5 units X 4.0 pts = 20 honor pts
Pegnrl 192 (A-) 1 unit X 3.67 pts = 3.67 honor pts
TOTALS = 16 units 48.99 Honor Points

48.99 Honor Points/16 units = 3.06 GPA

Try it out and keep track of your GPA!


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