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We are excited that you are considering attending UW-Whitewater at Rock County. Welcome future students! To apply to UW-Whitewater at Rock County, follow these steps: 

Complete the online University of Wisconsin System application. 

No application fee is required at this time. UW-Whitewater at Rock County has a 100% acceptance rate for all new freshman and transfer students with official transcripts.

Submit your documentation. Submit the following documents to  UW-Whitewater Admissions Office, 800 West Main Street, Roseman Building 2060, Whitewater, WI 53190-1791.

  • An official copy of your high school transcript (or, if you obtained a GED or HSED, a copy of your diploma and test scores)
  • Official college transcript(s) (if you took college credit in high school or if you are a transfer student)
  • Your ACT or SAT scores (not required, but may be used for class placements)

Note: Your application is complete once we receive the following: Online application and official transcript(s). Before you apply, it's best to determine which type of student you are. This will help you identify whether you need to submit additional documentation, etc., to ensure a speedy admission process. Find more information below.

UW-Whitewater at Rock County offers a high-quality University of Wisconsin degree and thousands of dollars in savings over the course of two years.

Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 Full-Time Tuition (12-18 Credits)
Wisconsin Residents: $2,768.78
Non-Wisconsin Residents: $6,755.34

Fall & Spring Part-Time Tuition (per credit tuition)
Wisconsin Residents: $230.74
Non-Wisconsin Residents: $562.95

Summer Tuition (per credit)
Wisconsin Residents: $230.74
Non-Wisconsin Residents: $562.95

Winterim Tuition (per credit)

Wisconsin Residents: $230.74
Non-Wisconsin Residents: $562.95

Complete Fall 2023/Spring 2024 Fee Schedule

Please note that special course fees for specific courses may apply. Please visit the  schedule of classes for UW-Whitewater at Rock County for special course fees.

UW Extended Campus Online courses are charged at $300 per credit and are not included in the tuition schedules above. Visit  University of Wisconsin Extended Campus for more information.              

Payment plan options can be found on the UW-Whitewater Financial Services website.

Students receiving Financial Aid are subject to the same payment deadlines that apply to all other students.  Do not depend on your Financial Aid to be available in time to pay your University bill.


Information about tuition and fees for both campuses can be found on the  UW-Whitewater Financial Services website.

Payment Options

Financial Aid FAQs

  • The  FAFSA opens Oct. 1 for the following academic year (i.e. Oct. 1 2022 for the 2023-2024 academic year)
  • Students can fill out the  FAFSA as soon as they know they plan to attend college
  • Additional financial aid process information can be found on the  UW-Whitewater Financial Aid website.
  • You should use the UW-Whitewater code 003926 
  • If you are undecided and plan to attend either UW-Whitewater at Rock County OR UW-Whitewater, you can use the 003926 code.
  • Please note that you will not receive an award letter until you have designated a chosen campus.  To designate a campus, please contact UW-Whitewater Admissions.
  • You will be able to view your financial aid award in your WINS account once you have been awarded. Your award will include any grants and/or loans you are eligible for.
  • Be sure to check your WINS account for any additional information or verifications requested by the UW-Whitewater Financial Aid office.
  • If you have been awarded financial aid, it will automatically disperse toward your tuition and fees. If there is any financial aid monies left over once this has happened, the overage will be given to you in the form of a refund. You can set up direct deposit for your refund. If you do not set up direct deposit you will recieve a check in the mail to the address listed in your WINS account.

To view courses visit the WINS Guest Course Search.

To view more information about class schedules, including important add/drop dates, for each semester visit the Registrar's Schedule of Classes webpage. 

To view more information about the UW-Whitewater Academic Calendar, including semester start and end dates, visit the UW-Whitewater Academic Calendar webpage.

SOAR Information

As a new student, SOAR will allow students the ability to meet 1:1 with an advisor to determine areas of interest, understand the registration process and pick out/register for classes. Students will sign up for SOAR through their WINS account on Oct. 1 for Spring/Winterim Students and March 1 for Fall/Summer Students. Once signed up, students will receive more information via email.

Registration FAQs

  • All new students will participate in a required Student Orientation and Registration (SOAR) to be orientated to campus and select courses for the upcoming semester.
  • New students should check their WINS account for available SOAR dates.
  • All students are given a designated Registration Start Time. Review your Enrollment Appointment on your WINS account.  You will be able to begin registration for classes at your given day and time
  • You can schedule an advising appointment with your advisor
    • advisor information can be found in your WINS account
    • Contact the Warhawk Solution Center to make an appointment with your advisor, 608-758-6541.
  • You can utilize the Schedule of Classes to choose your desired courses based on what is available.
  • Log into WINS.
  • Click the TERM that you wish to search for classes and search for classes by entering a KEYWORD (course, subject, class, topic, etc.).
  • Click the COURSE that you wish to add, then click desired SECTION.
  • Review your class and click NEXT.
    • NOTE: if a PERMISSION NUMBER has been granted by the department/instructor, this will need to be entered here.
  • Review the class grading basis, update accordingly, and click ACCEPT.
  • Click whether you wish to enroll into the course right away or add the course to your Shopping Cart, click NEXT.
  • Review the final course details, click SUBMIT.
    • NOTE: classes will be held in your enrollment shopping cart until you either enroll in them or delete them.
    • NOTE: If you add classes to your shopping cart before your enrollment appointment begins, an ENROLL button will not be present. The ENROLL button will only appear once your enrollment appointment has opened.

Academic advising is a very important part of your college experience at UW-Whitewater Rock County. Advisors are available to assist you in developing educational plans that are compatible with your life goals. The ultimate responsibility for making decisions about your educational plans rests directly with you, but your academic advisor can help!

Your academic advisor helps you to:

  • Explore your academic and career goals
  • Select classes that promote your progress toward your degree
  • Choose classes that help you to explore your interests, identify your major, or identify courses needed for a major already chosen
  • Build a class schedule that balances your homework and class load

New freshmen meet with an advisor from the Solution Center prior to the start of their first semester as part of our freshmen orientation program. As the first semester begins, new students can meet with an advisor whenever the need arises.

Advising for Transfer/Re-entry Students

Returning adult students most likely will meet an advisor prior to the start of first semester and throughout your attendance at UW-Whitewater Rock County. In addition to working individually with an advisor, the university provides a number of other resources to assist students in the academic and career exploration process.

Advising Appointments

There are several ways to make an appointment with your academic advisor. 

Navigate - Download the Navigate Student app or log in to Navigate online and use your UWW credentials

Call us at 608-758-6541

Email us at uwwrockinfo@uww.edu

Online Advising Resources

To further explore majors and careers, check out these helpful Web sites:

  • Major Mania
    Information about majors available throughout the UW System

Advising FAQs

  • Advising is most effective when it is viewed as an ongoing process in which the students and the advisors work as partners. Students must continuously work with their advisors to develop comprehensive academic plans that lead to successful career planning.
  • Your academic advisor will be listed on your WINS account. Log into WINS and click AAR - Based on Course Units > Advisors
  • Make an appointment using Navigate. Schedule your own advising appointment by going to navigate and log in with your UW-Whitewater credentials OR download the Navigate Student app from Google Play or Apple App Store. 
  • Contact the Warhawk Solution Center to make an appointment with your advisor, 608-758-6541 

Academic Advisors

  • Yasmeen Badillo - Advises students with last names A-L
  • Dave Carlson - Advises TRIO program students
  • Sarah Harvey - Advises for Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences (BAAS), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Collaborative Degree with Edgewood College, and Engineering Collaborative Degree with UW-Platteville
  • Keith Malueg - Advises students living in university housing & TRIO program students
  • David McKay - Advises TRIO program students
  • Stacy Randall - Advises students with last names N-Z, ECCP students, and international students

Academic Staff

  • Kristin Fillhouer - Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Enrollment Management
  • Emily Matteson - Pre-College Coach
  • Ashley Mallu - Academic Program Specialist
  • Cori Olin - Admissions Marketing Coordinator
  • Janine Peterson - Student Life & Events Coordinator

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment with staff listed above, please contact the Solution Center at 608-758-6541 or email us at uwwrockinfo@uww.edu. TRIO students contact the TRIO/Learning Support office at 608-758-6535 or triostwk@uww.edu.

All current students can make an advising appointment using Navigate. Download the Navigate Student app or log in with your UWW credentials at uww.navigate.eab.com. 

Campus Location

2909 Kellogg Avenue
Janesville, WI 53546

Admissions Office

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
Roseman Building 2060 
800 West Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190-1791

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