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Registration Tips

Registration Tips

To view a list of classes that will be offered the following semester, reference the Schedule of Classes online.

Keep an eye on the WINS system for course openings.  Be persistent in consulting WINS if you are looking to make some changes to the schedule you originally created.

Why can't I get this class? You may find that you want to take a course that WINS will not allow you to take. Many reasons could exist in these cases. Some common reasons could be related to:

  • A hold on your record
  • A time scheduling conflict with another course for which you have registered
  • You may not have met the pre-requisite for the course
  • While the class may appear to be open on WINS, it can be identified as a reserved section by the "X", “W”, or "H" next to the section number. It may be a class that is reserved for a student in a specific Learning Community or Honors Community of which you are not a member.

SPECED 205 03X (X = Learning Community)

COMM 110 45H (H = Honors)

English 102 14W (W = Online Majors Only)

You can also utilize the College Scheduler link within the WINS System. 

College Scheduler Quick Guide (PDF) »

What College Scheduler will do for you:

  • Allows you to select courses you wish to enroll in for a term.
  • Allows you to lock in a preferred section for a course.
  • Allows you to lock in sections based on specific instructor(s).
  • Allows you to add time block(s) when you cannot take courses.
  • Will generate all the potential schedule variations based on available course sections and your designated time blocks.
  • Will allow you to compare up to four schedules side-by-side.
  • Allows you to create and save Favorites Schedules.
  • Will send your selected schedule to your WINS Enrollment Shopping Cart.
  • Will email your selected schedule(s) to whomever you enter.
  • Schedule Planner is ADA Compliant.

What College Scheduler will not do for you:

  • Will not enroll you in classes.
  • Will not check for requisites.
  • Will not save you a seat in a class.

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