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Mailing Services & Package Tracking

UW-Whitewater Mail Center

The mail center offers a variety of services to all UW-Whitewater faculty/ academic staff.  We would be happy to help in the preparation, labeling, and shipping of your mail.  We offer shipping services such as priority mail, certified mail, express and international mail via the United States Postal Service.  As well as UPS Ground, 2nd day and Next day Air to name a few. We’re able to provide items for shipping, such as customs forms, flat rate mailers, boxes and intercampus envelopes for on campus deliveries.  We’re also able to provide a number of bulk mailing services, such as address labeling, wafer seal tabbing and inserting.

Please note, we are not able to ship packages via FedEx.  Hazardous, or perishable items will not be shipped.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.  Our hours of operation are 7:00AM to 3:00PM, Monday through Friday.

Addressing Mail

Our top priority is to provide you with quality services to expedite the distribution of both incoming, and outgoing mail as quickly and cost efficiently as possible. We ask that you please provide not only us, but outside shippers as well, with as much information as possible when it comes to providing an address for all inbound and outbound mail.  To do so, we ask that you please use your current buildings address, and not the generic 800 W. Main street address (unless sending to the Alumni Center).  Doing so will cut down on both lost, and returned mail.  Please use the link below to view the current addresses for all faculty, academic buildings, as well as the residence halls.

Address Listing

Address Layout


Faculty/ Academic Building                                                 Examples

Inbound Mailing Address:

Individuals Name                                                                   John Smith

UW-Whitewater                                                                     UW-Whitewater
Building, or Dept./ Room Number                                         Roseman Hall, Cont. Ed./ RM: 2005
Buildings Address                                                                  235 Wyman Mall
Whitewater, WI 53190                                                           Whitewater WI 53190


Residence Hall

Inbound Student Mailing Address:

Individuals Name                                                                   John Smith
Hall Name/ room Number                                                     Starin Hall/ RM: 220

Street Address                                                                       901 W. Starin Road
Whitewater, WI 53190                                                            Whitewater WI 53190


Inter-Campus Mailing Address

Individuals Name                                                                   John Smith

Building                                                                                 Roseman Hall
Department Name/ Room Number                                        Cont. Ed. / RM: 2005

Bulk Mailings

For a more cost efficient way to ship larger volume mailings, the mail center is here to help.  Our non-profit permit allows us to ship letters and postcards at discounted rates, allowing you to reach as many customers as needed.  We offer address labeling, indicia print, brochure inserting (for standard #10 size envelopes) as well as wafer seal tabbing.  In order for us to help you as efficiently as possible, please read a few of the guidelines below.

  • In order to qualify for the bulk mailing rates, the mailing must include at least two hundred pieces, or more.
  • Nonprofit postage prices are available only for domestic mail, not international mail.
  • Nonprofit mailings cannot contain any advertisements for a product, or service.
  • Each mail piece must be identical in contents, weight and appearance.
  • Individuals wishing to send out a bulk mailing under the universities permit number, must be an employee of the University of Wisconsin Whitewater.
  • The department wishing to send out a bulk mailing must provide the mail center with a list of the recipients addresses (preferably excel).
  • Mail piece must have a matte finish to avoid smearing, when printing addresses (surcharges apply for printing addresses on glossy stock).

Please contact the mail center when considering sending a bulk mailing.  We can provide you with the information needed when it comes to graphic layout of your mailing, size restrictions, and other pertinent information.  We can also provide you with an estimate to make sure it will fit into your budget. 

    1. To send out a certified piece of mail, refer to figure 1. Please fill out the send to address, including street/ PO Box, (if applicable) city, state and zip code.  Please write your name, building, department on the back of this slip, so when the post office returns this, the mail center will know who to return it to.

    2. Leave postage fees (postage, certified fee, total, etc.) in figure 1 blank. The mail center will fill out this section when processing your mail piece. 

    3. Fill out sender’s address as shown in figure 2 on domestic return receipt. Please include your name, “UW-Whitewater,” building, department, room number, as well as street address, city, state, zip code.

    4. Flip it over and fill out address the article is to be sent to, in section 1 (as shown in figure 3).

    5. Peel off the top section of the certified mail receipt (figure 1) as indicated by the *. Stick the tracking number on the domestic return receipt (figure 3) as indicated by the *.

    6. Once done, paperclip these two pieces to your mail piece. Do not affix either of the receipts to your mail piece.  The mail center will affix them after metering the mail piece.

    7. Please make sure the mail piece to be sent out also has return/ recipients address neatly written, or printed on it. If you have any questions regarding this procedure, please contact the mail center at extension: 6726.  Thanks!

    Mail Center Daily Operations

    • All USPS mail to be delivered to faculty and academic buildings are picked up from the Whitewater post office between 7am and 9am the beginning of each business day.  All mail is sorted by building, to be delivered on route.  Dorm mail is not picked up, sorted, or delivered by the mail center.
    • Mail deliveries to faculty and academic buildings begin at 9:25AM.  Please have all intercampus and outgoing mail placed in your buildings mailroom bin before this time.  All mail is most commonly delivered by 10:15AM.  Please allow for extra time on both Mondays, and the day after a postal holiday, as the mail volume is much heavier on these days.
    • Please allow an extra day for the delivery of all inter-campus mail.  Inter-campus mail is sorted the day it is received and delivered on route, the following day.
    • All 1st class mail not placed inside the mail bin for pickup on route can be deposited in the University Centers outgoing mailbox, located next to the Information Services desk.  All mail deposited before 2:15PM will be processed and sent to the post office the same day.  All mail deposited after this time, will be processed the following day.
    • UPS delivers packages for all faculty and academic buildings on a daily basis (Monday – Friday).  Packages are received anywhere from 10am-12pm.  All UPS packages are delivered the following day that they’re scanned by the carrier as “delivered.”  If you’re in need of your package the same day, please call the mail center to be sure we have it in our possession first.  Once confirmed you may pick it up in the FP&M receiving area, or mail center.  Please bring a photo ID with you.
    • UPS will pick up all outbound parcels between 2:30pm and 3:00pm.
    • All outgoing USPS mail is sorted, metered and delivered to the Whitewater post office by 2:45PM.  Mail received after this time will be processed the following day.

    International shipments

    The mail center can ship your postcards, letters, flats (large envelopes) and parcels outside of the country via the United States Postal Service.  1st class letters, postcards and flats can be shipped without a customs form.  All parcels must be accompanied with a completed customs form to be properly shipped to its destination.  When sending items to be shipped internationally to the UW-Whitewater mail center, please affix a sticky note denoting the item is to be sent internationally.  Although we do sort through all mail, this will help us avoid sending your international mail via domestic means. 

    USPS Customs Form

    A customs form is needed for all international parcels.  Contact the mail center to request customs forms.  They will be sent to you the following day via intercampus envelope.  Once in your possession, please fill out all gray highlighted fields including,

    • Sender’s information
    • Addressee’s information
    • Check the category your item(s) fall under in section 1
    • Fill out a detailed description of the item(s) in section 2
    • Fill out the quantity of each item in section 3
    • Fill out the estimated value of each item in section 5
    • Finally complete section 23 – Sender’s signature and date


    USPS First Class International Shipment

     First class international packages can be shipped out at the first class package rate, but will not include tracking.  This option will allow you to send small packages to more than 190 countries.  Packages sent this way cannot exceed 4lbs, nor can they exceed $400.00 in value.  Restrictions apply based on country of destination.  The package may take anywhere from 7 -21 days to reach its destination, but USPS does not guarantee delivery dates or times.


    USPS Priority Mail Express International

     Packages not exceeding 70lbs can be sent out Priority mail Express international, which includes tracking.  This option includes delivery to more than 190 countries, with a date-certain delivery time of 3-5 days (actual number of days may vary based on origin, destination and customs delays). PLEASE DO NOT take sender’s copy of customs form when using this method of shipment.  The post office will need this copy to affix the tracking label.  Once done, the post office will send the form to the mail center, to be returned to the shipper. 

     When sending packages with a complete customs form to the UW-W Mail Center, please accompany with a sticky note denoting which shipping method you would like us to use.  If you have any questions regarding price difference between the two classes, please let us know.

    UW – Whitewater

    Mail Center Shipping & Receiving Requirements

    • The Mail Center only ships and receives through USPS and UPS. We do not accept, or ship FedEx, DHL, or Spee-Dee Delivery Service packages.
      • To schedule a pickup for FedEx please call: 1-800-GoFedEx (or drop off at the Whitewater Walgreens).
      • To schedule a pickup for DHL please visit their website at: DHL.com
      • To schedule a pickup for Spee – Dee Delivery Service please call: 1-800-862-5578

    • All mail pieces need either a stamp/ shipping label, or organizational code attached to them to be processed as outgoing mail. Failing to have an org. code (which is to be placed in the upper left corner of the mail piece along with the return address) without any other form of prepaid postage will cause a delay in processing said mail.

    •  Please separate all outgoing letters from intercampus letters by rubber banding them in their respective piles. Please indicate all intercampus mail with a sticky note signifying it is to be delivered on campus (failing to, could cause your mail piece to be metered and sent out).


    • Make sure all unsealed envelopes are separated from sealed envelopes. All unsealed envelopes should have the envelope flap in the down position for it to be ran through, sealed and postmarked in our mailing meters.




    • Please separate all international mail from domestic mail. International packages must be accompanied with a completed USPS customs form.  Customs forms are available and can be sent to you via intercampus envelopes upon request.  For more information please view the section on international mail.


    • Please notify the mail center when placing large packages in outgoing mail that are too big/ heavy to carry, as we will need to bring the proper equipment to transport said packages. Failing to notify us will most likely cause a delay with your package shipment.


    • If you have any questions regarding bulk mailings, or any other mailing needs/concerns, please feel free to give us a call at the number provided below. Our hours of operation are 7:00AM – 3:00PM – Monday, through Friday.



    UW- Whitewater Mail Center
    500 North Fremont Street RM: 209
    Whitewater, WI 53190
    Phone: 262-472-6726

    UPS Shipments

    If you are in need of shipping a package through UPS, the mail center can help.  UPS drops off inbound packages and picks up outbound packages every business day, Monday through Friday.  If you already have a prepaid UPS shipping label affixed to your package, feel free to leave it with your buildings outgoing mail tub and the mail center will pick it up on route.  If you do not have a prepaid label, the mail center can create one for you.  Please call the mail center ahead time for larger boxes, so we can bring the proper carrying equipment for transport. 

    • Packages that are to be shipped UPS, must be marked accordingly before being placed in the outgoing mail tub.  Please indicate the desired shipping method, UPS Ground, 3-day select, next day air, etc., the recipients address, as well as the organizational code for charge backs. 
    • UPS will pick up all outgoing packages by 3:00PM.  Please have all packages intended for same day UPS shipment to the mail center no later than 2:00PM.  This will allow us enough time to process the package for shipping.  If we receive a package after UPS has picked up, the package will be shipped the following day.
    • UPS parcels can be insured for the value of your package, up to $50,000.00  If your package requires insurance, please indicate the amount clearly on the package.
    • If you require the tracking number for your shipment, please indicate this on the package, accompanied by your email address.  Once the package is processed we will send you the tracking number. 

    UPS Next Day Air Shipments

    • With UPS Next Day Air, you can have your parcel shipped anywhere in the USA, the following business day. Most parcels will arrive between 10:30am and 12:00pm, dependent upon location.
    • All parcels to be delivered UPS Next Day Air must be picked up on route, (by mail center personnel) or brought to the mail center before 2:00pm. Any parcel brought after UPS picks up, will be shipped the following day.
    • As next day air shipments are vitally crucial to your business, please call the mail center ahead of time, before placing your package in the outgoing mail tub. Informing us ahead of time will expedite the process and ensure that it’s processed accordingly.
    • Please keep in mind that UPS Next Day Air shipments arrive the following business day (Monday through Friday). Saturday deliveries can be made, but will incur an extra expense.  Please specify if you would like Saturday delivery for your next day parcel (only applies to parcels shipped on Fridays).  

    If you have any questions regarding UPS, or UPS Next day shipments, please feel free to give us a call.

    Residence Hall Mail

    The mail center only delivers inter-campus mail to the residence halls on campus.  All other mail including, but not limited to, USPS, UPS, and FedEx, are delivered to Goodhue, or directly to the residence halls.  See below for specific carrier delivery information.

    USPS – The post office delivers mail to each individual residence hall six days a week, Monday through Saturday (excluding postal holidays).  Before delivery, mail is scanned at the post office as either “delivered to agent,” or “delivered to postal box.”  The mail is then sorted into its respective dorm bag and scanned one last time as “Tendered to agent for final delivery.” It’s at this point the dorm bags are brought out on route by the postal carrier.  Please keep in mind that just because your package was scanned as delivered, that it does not mean it has been delivered to your dorm yet.  The post office works hard to deliver your mail in a timely manner.  It is best to check with your front desk to confirm when the mail has been delivered. 

    A small portion of USPS packages are delivered daily to the mail center for both the Fox Meadows, and Cambridge apartment complexes.  These packages are delivered to Goodhue hall between 12:30PM and 1:45PM Monday through Friday. 

    UPS – UPS will deliver most packages to Goodhue hall.  Goodhue hall will inform you via email when your package has been delivered and ready for pickup.  Keep in mind that when overloaded, UPS may drop off packages at the Whitewater post office.  When dropped off, these packages are scanned by UPS as “delivered to whitewater,” but that does not mean your package has been delivered to your dorm.  The post office will then sort your mail into its respective dorm bag, and have it delivered by one of their carriers on route that day, or the following day (depending on what time it was received).

    FedEx – FedEx will deliver all dorm mail to Goodhue hall.  Goodhue hall will inform you via email when your package has been delivered and ready for pickup.

    UW-Whitewater Parcel Search


    UW-Whitewater shipping and receiving services has implemented a new tracking/ scanning system for inbound parcels with trackable scan bar shipping labels.  All inbound packages received by the UW-W Mail Center/ FP&M receiving center are either routed for delivery, or scanned at the time of delivery.  To track a package please click on the link below and use the sign in credentials provided.


    Track Package

    Email: uwwparcel@uww.edu

    Password: Warhawk1!


    To track your package insert your parcels tracking number in the search bar.  If your parcels tracking information has been scanned by shipping and receiving, it will show up in the list of queries.  Clicking on the highlighted item will open a dropdown menu showing detailed information, including date, time and location the package was delivered.  If the status of your package is listed as “routed,” it will be delivered on route the following day.


    If your tracking number does not show up in the list of queries, there could be a few of reasons why.  Your package may not have been delivered yet, in which case you should check the carriers website (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.) for up to date tracking info.  If the item is scanned as delivered by the carrier, it may not have come through our facility.  Keep in mind all mail for the residence halls are delivered directly to Goodhue hall by the mail carrier (USPS, UPS, FedEx, etc.).


    If you still have questions regarding campus parcels/ delivery information, please feel free to contact us at 262-472-6726


    The Mail Center is located next to the receiving dock in the general services building, room 209.  Use outside door #14 for entrance, located on the second floor, north end of the building.

    UW-W Mail Center/ RM: 209
    Facilities Planning & Management Building/ Door # 14
    University Wisconsin Whitewater
    500 North Fremont St.
    Whitewater, WI 53190