Police Department


The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Police Department proudly, professionally and proactively assists in our mutual pursuit of the safety and security of our students, staff, faculty and community.  As the Chief of Police, I believe in a philosophy based around compassion.  I want our officers and staff to consider each individual with the same empathy they would want for their own family members and people they care about.

I don’t believe in or like the term “law enforcement” being applied to our profession.  I think it was an unfortunate belittling of what we should truly be doing.  We are here to assist our communities, not simply enforce laws upon them.  It sells short what we really do and definitely isn’t what any individual wants.  Our goals should be to educate, encourage and inform; we can not compel individual change through strictly enforcement.

We live in a country founded upon the desire for liberty and freedom. Police officers are entrusted with the authority to infringe upon the freedom of the individual based upon their own observation, evidence and belief of what occurred within any given situation. That authority requires the diligent, respectful and compassionate application of the law, the protection of society, the weighing of individual rights and potential effects during every action. Our officers have dedicated themselves and their lives to the upholding of the rights given to all of us and holding accountable, where necessary, those willing to inappropriately deny those rights to others.

Our department mission and values statement outlines the P.A.C.T. we have with our community.  Yes, maybe a little corny, but I believe in its premise and what we are striving to achieve:

  • Problem-solvers – We will seek to solve issues in ways that are desirable to our community.
  • Accountable – We will hold ourselves responsible to our community through transparency and professionally based standards.
  • Compassion – We will see others through their experiences and situation.
  • Thoughtful – We will always consider the potential life-changing affect our actions can have, both positive and negative, short and long-term.

I truly believe in an officer’s ability to create positive change and outcomes for individuals, to provide the opportunity for personal growth.

I welcome your input, your thoughts and your involvement in the policing of our community. Our unified commitment and trust of each other is the greatest assurance of safety our community can have.  Please never hesitate to reach out with a question, comment or concern, I want your involvement and we need and desire your faith and trust.

Man in police uniform

Chief Matthew Kiederlen
Compassion Led Policing