Facilities Planning & Management
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Space planning and management at UW-Whitewater falls under the overall umbrella of campus Physical Development Planning. Integral to the Physical Development Planning system are long-range (six-year) planning, program-driven space planning, biennial capital budget planning, biennial state building program construction, central space data management and annual locally-funded construction. There are several key principles which are the foundation of this comprehensive planning and management system and govern it's decision processes. They are as follows:

  1. All space additions, changes or enhancements must be program driven.
  2. All space additions, changes or enhancements must be framed within a comprehensive, long-range, campus-wide space plan.
  3. Space is a campus resource to be utilized and optimized to best meet the University's mission; not the property of a particular program, unit, department, college or division.
  4. The construction of new facilities is extremely difficult in our current funding environment. Priority is given to optimizing existing campus space through conversion, renovation or reprogramming, with new construction being a secondary consideration.
  5. All space planning must consider the campus program eco-system and the effects additions, changes or enhancements will have on other programs, maintenance and our surroundings.
  6. The current substantial State investment in our facilities must be protected and maintained. 

As Building Supervisors, you need to be aware of the programs within your assigned building and the general direction of those programs. When those program directions or needs result in construction, you should be aware of that construction, its' scope, and the general construction schedule. Your college or division's representation and participation in the campus' Physical Development Planning process should enable you to learn of future needed program space activities. Facilities Planning and Management, or program managers within your building, should provide you with information regarding specific construction projects.

For daily operations, space occupant changes should be forwarded to the Campus Planning Department within the Facilities Planning and Management. Space program changes or enhancements (whether or not they require construction) should be forwarded through your division administrator to Maureen Quass, FPM Project Coordinator (quassm@uww.edu; 472-6733). If you have questions regarding our space planning or management processes, please contact  Maureen Quass, FPM Project Coordinator, at quassm@uww.edu or 472-6733.