Facilities Planning & Management
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Facilities Planning and Management furnishes tables and chairs for university special events and the labor to move, set up and tear down those items as a part of its chargeable work order services. It maintains a sizable investment in table and chair inventories to satisfy the campus' varying demands for those items.

Driven by a shrinking inventory of safe, presentable tables and chairs, Facilities Planning and Management has committed a sizable capital investment to upgrade their condition. This policy has been written to insure that the investment is protected and that ongoing maintenance and replacement of that inventory continues.


The following UW-System and UW-Whitewater policies and procedures documents reference and support this policy document.

  1. UW-Whitewater Physical Plant Services Chargeback Policy
  2. UW-Whitewater Facilities Use Policy
  3. UW-System Administrative Policy 322: Physical Plant Service Chargeback

Facilities Planning and Management Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of Facilities Planning and Management to furnish safe, clean and attractive tables and chairs for university program events. It further furnishes the labor to deliver, set up, tear down and pick up those tables and chairs on a chargeable basis to university departments. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Maintain an accurate inventory of all tables and chairs used for special events.
  2. By means of a stencil, label or other markings, clearly identify those special event tables and chairs.
  3. Maintain the table and chair inventory in a safe, clean and presentable condition which will be complimentary to the university.
  4. Surplus tables and chairs, which due to condition no longer satisfy items 1-3 above, and replace them with new units.
  5. Deliver and pick-up tables and chairs for special events to locations identified by work orders.
  6. When requested by work order, set up and tear down tables and chairs for special events.
  7. Responsibly maintain an equipment replacement account funded through user fees.

Department Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of University Departments to pay for non-instructional use of special event tables and chairs and assume responsibility for the security and well-being of those items while they are under their control. Specific responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Use the campus work order system to request tables and chairs for special events.
  2. Pay for Facilities Planning and Management labor to deliver and pick up requested tables and chairs.
  3. When requested by the department, pay for Facilities Planning and Management labor to set up and tear down the tables and chairs.
  4. Assume responsibility for the tables and chairs between the times when they are delivered and picked up for special events. Responsibility includes:
    1. Security from theft or vandalism
    2. Protection from the elements
    3. No defacing of tables and chairs with tape, decals, markers, etc.
    4. Returning the entire number of delivered tabled and chairs to a central pickup location after the event.
    5. Assuming financial responsibility for any of items 1-4 above which are not satisfied 
  5. Pay a nominal user fee for the tables and chairs as described in section V.
  6. Tag any tables or chairs (with furnished repair tags) they may find needing maintenance during their course of use.

Equipment Use Fee

UW-System Financial Policy and Procedure Paper #25 allows for the charging back of special events not used for general campus maintenance to the benefiting activity. The tables and chairs used by special events are purchased solely for that purpose and are not used for maintenance. A nominal user fee has been established and will be charged per each item used per event to assure that the table and chair inventory receives and is funded for ongoing maintenance and replacement. Refer to the user fee computation schedule.

Work Order Instructions

The campus Long Form or On-line CICS work order systems are used to initiate requests for event tables and chairs. Contact Facilities Planning and Management at x1320 or see the Physical Plant Services Chargeback Policy for more specifics regarding the work order system. The following should be included, considered or remembered when submitting a work order request for tables and chairs.

  1. Tables and chairs are delivered for specific events. There will be no long-term, multi-event use of these items without prior financial and recovery arrangements.
  2. Provide sufficient advance notice of the event needing tables and chairs.
  3. Provide at least the following information on the work order description:
    -What event they are for
    -What do you need (type and number)
    -When and where to deliver (specific date, time and room location)
    -When and where to pick up (specific date, time and room location)
  4. The tables and chairs delivered will include an inventory record card. It is recommended, but not required, that departments are there to meet the shipment and review the order received.
  5. The user fee is charged per item requested per event. Charges are recorded on the completed work order as a materials charge