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Campus Work Order Chargeback Policy

Definitions and examples of chargeable Physical Plant Services are provided by University of Wisconsin System through Financial and Administrative Policies. Questions not answered in the University System web pages may be directed to Facilities Planning & Management for further discussion and clarification.

Internal Services Chargebacks

Physical Plant Services Chargebacks

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Non-Chargeable Facilities Services

Maintenance Work 
Maintenance work is defined as any preventive or corrective work performed to maintain existing facilities and infrastructure in accordance with campus and University System standards. Maintenance work will be performed from work orders issued by respective departments/repair centers:

  • University Housing = UH- work order
  • Facilities Planning & Management = PP- work order
  • University Center = UC-work order

Maintenance work requests will be coded as appropriate by campus zone (i.e. RL, PP, UC) and include the relative org code at the time of work order issuance. Maintenance work requests coded by campus zone (i.e. RL, PP, UC) can be assigned to central maintenance pool staff or any campus maintenance staff, as appropriate, for completion. Work order assignments require staff supervisor approval prior to issuance. 
Only material charges are assessed to respective departments/repair centers for preventive or corrective non-chargeable maintenance work.

Utility Service Maintenance 
Preventive or corrective work performed to maintain utilities services (electric, gas, steam, water, parking/security lighting) to campus buildings and zones are Facilities Planning and Management support and costs responsibilities. Services for infrastructure utilities and communications are completed as non-chargeable work orders.

Examples of work orders coded as non-chargeable include:

  • Repair and cleaning of window air conditioners considered department equipment.
  • Routine maintenance of diving boards
  • Initial supply of keys to new employees
  • Painting of an area included on the maintenance painting schedule
  • Repair of general purpose furniture and equipment in classrooms
  • Custodial services for routine building maintenance
  • All preventive or corrective work requests for lavatories, electrical service, HVAC, intramural field lighting, parking/security lighting 

Chargeable Facilities Services

Projects (Including Upgrades & Remodeling Work) 
Project work is defined as any work performed to create new program space, new facilities or new services beyond the original/current design of the facility. Project work, once established as such, is coded and tracked as a chargeable work order. Chargeable work orders assess all labor costs, at an established rate, and material costs to the relevant department/repair center org code, typically upon services completion.

Non-Maintenance Work 
Chargeable work orders are generated for all maintenance services not considered preventive or corrective by University of Wisconsin System definition. Chargeable work orders assess all labor costs, at an established rate, and material costs to the relevant department or repair center org code.

Examples of chargeable work orders include:

  • Department or program specific furniture or equipment repair, replacement or servicing
  • Maintenance and installation of kitchen equipment, appliances and other department-owned apparatus and moveable equipment
  • Installation and repair of office and desk signs, pictures, projection screens (excluding classrooms), tack boards, chalk boards, mirrors
  • Remodeling and/or installation of shelving, cabinets and furniture and relocation of these items when requested by a department
  • Purchase and installation of new window air conditioners
  • Removal of diving boards to accommodate summer camps
  • Replacement of lost keys and re-keying of functionally sound locks
  • Work requests to service scoreboards, goals posts, batting cages
  • Work requests to service athletics sound systems, signage and field lighting

Event Support Services 
Work requests for event support equipment and event support services will be coded as chargeable work orders, and include the relevant org code at the time of issuance.

Cost Recovery 
Material and supply costs are typically assessed to the department, repair center or zone upon work completion for all chargeable and non-chargeable service activities.

Chargeable work orders are utilized to recover all related labor and material costs associated with chargeable services including projects, remodeling/retrofits as determined appropriate, non-maintenance work, and events. Budget reports will demonstrate expenses and credits for chargeable facilities services (PC) activities.

Maintenance work orders (PP, RL, UC) are utilized to recover actual labor costs associated with work performed to maintain existing campus facilities and infrastructures.

Reports will delineate the difference between labor resource investments (in hours and dollars) and labor resource returns for the Central Maintenance Pool, each department and each zone or repair center. Labor resource investment deficits will be recovered through fund transfer activities.