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Community Service

A goal of Career and Leadership Development is to connect students to service and connect service to students. Students looking for community service opportunities have a variety of options available.

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Use the resources listed below to assist you in finding ways to complete those service hours. There are multiple opportunities available in Whitewater and the surrounding areas. Complete service includes a variety of causes, so find one that interests you!

Use this link to complete a basic intake form regarding your interests in community service. The service intern will use this information to assist you in finding opportunities that interest you or that you have access to!

In the form you will be asked if you would like to meet with the service intern. At least meeting, the service intern will assist you in utilizing various resources to find opportunities that work for you.

Join the Service Opportunities Portal on connect to receive notifications on upcoming service opportunities within the area.

Look at the "News" posts to see all the opportunities available.

Use this website to search for service opportunities within specific locations. Create a FREE account or sign in using a Google, Facebook or LinkedIn account.How to Use

  1. Enter in preferred location - the search will bring up all opportunities available within 20 miles!
  2. If you need to, narrow down the results by selecting "Cause Area's" or entering keywords
  3. Select on an opportunity, read through the description and select "I Want to Help"
  4. Send a message to the agency via VolunteerMatch and wait for a confirmation email.

It is that easy!

This website is made just for service opportunities available in Jefferson County and the City of Whitewater. Create a FREE account or sign in with a Facebook account.

  1. Click on "Volunteer Opportunities"
  2. Use the "Sort" or "Filter" tools to narrow down the results
  3. Select an opportunity and read through the description
  4. If interested, select "Respond" if you are an individual looking to sign up or "Respond as Team" if you are interested in signing up a group of people.

Looking for help? While Career & Leadership Development doesn’t serve as a placement office to match volunteers to needs, can assist in spreading the word about service opportunities. Take advantage of any or all of the following ways in which to reach out to campus students:

  • Identify your target audience and create content for them
  • Contact key members of organizations that can share information with students
  • Post on a volunteer matching site, such as and
  • Table in the University Center
  • Create digital media to post via social media
  • Focus on how the opportunity can benefit the student

Complete this form. The Service Intern will review the submission and promote your service opportunity via Connect and social media.

Email the Service Intern or set-up an appointment to discuss the best strategies to recruit volunteers on campus.

What is a Warhawk Ambassador?

The primary purpose of the Warhawk Ambassador Program is to promote the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater through service to the University, to the community, to friends and alumni, and to the state.

Warhawk Ambassadors' service provides opportunities to meet and interact with some of University of Wisconsin-Whitewater's brightest young professionals from a variety of diverse backgrounds and majors.

Ambassadors receive extensive training in interpersonal communication, food and table etiquette, have exceptional hosting and university knowledge, and are able to interact with a wide variety of people and perspectives. Ambassadors are also taught and passionate about the history of the UW-Whitewater.Warhawk

Ambassadors are willing and eager to be of assistance with a variety of ways:

Assisting in the positive perception of elected officials of our campus and UW System Interacting on committees or college related events coordinated by Dean's Offices and Departments
Personally interacting with UW-Whitewater Alumni
Provide a student delivery of important campus data points

Event Services:

  • Banquets and Awards Ceremonies
  • Conferences/Workshops: Excellent assistance for registration tables, reading speaker introductions, moderating educational sessions, and general hosting of speakers.
  • Student Panels: Warhawk Ambassadors are strong advocates for the UW-Whitewater and the college experience overall. They are able to give positive accounts of their experiences here at UW-Whitewater. 
  • Athletic Events: Warhawk Ambassadors have experience volunteering at Warhawk Football and Basketball games as well as commemorative events.
  • Focus Groups
  • Search & Screen Committees
  • Meeting with Special Guests to campus
  • Dedications

Request a Warhawk Ambassador

Become a Warhawk Ambassador

Make a Difference Day is tentitively scheduled for Friday, April 26th and Saturday April 27th. Keep checking back for more information!

**This is NOT for Greek related hours - please use this form to submit your hours**

Has your student organization completed a service project or fund-raised for a non-profit cause or agency? Complete this form on connect!