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Roberta's Art Gallery

Welcome to Roberta's Art Gallery! The gallery is currently open to the public Monday-Friday.

  • All exhibits and receptions are FREE and open to the public.
  • Attending certain events can earn students class credit.
  • If you would like to exhibit in Roberta’s Art Gallery, please contact us for a proposal request.

  • Reception: Thursday, June 20, 4:30-5:30 pm
    • Light refreshments provided
  • Artist: Anastasia Wilson
  • View the exhibit preview
  • "I created an art installment that explores and celebrates the communication device supporting me in fulfilling my life. I painted the 144 icons in acrylic and oils on 10x10” canvases to elevate them to "high art." I wanted this piece to be huge because I had significantly transformed emotions about my communication device throughout my lifetime. I struggled with how flat and childlike the icons looked. My usual style is much more painterly, and I like to deal with light and shade. While painting the icons, I was worried people would think I did a lot of child paintings and they would miss the deeper meaning of the whole communication device. I illustrated the original icons because I wanted to introduce the broader public to the world of AAC. I hope the main piece will support others who use AAC. The icons have categories of words. Similar to hieroglyphs, icons in the Unity language have multiple meanings. Which word the communication device says is determined by the sequence of the icons the person has pressed. There could be thousands of different sequences to select. There are also pre-stored words and sentences; depending on how advanced the users are, they can store personalized words. Likewise, their speech-language pathologist or their caregiver can help program their device. People can select the icons by touching the screen; the device can track the person's eyes, or the individual can scan the device with switches. The Unity program provides tens of thousands with a voice."
  • In collaboration with Chatter Matters overnight camp for AAC users and their families and Variety the Children's Charity of Wisconsin

April 3-May 7, 2024: Garden of 1000 Faces

February 15, 2024-March 20, 2024: Embodiment of Ebony: A Fusion of Art & Expression

January 10, 2023-February 9, 2024: Memoria

November 8-December 11, 2023: The Aesthetic Shape of History

September 25-October 20, 2023: The Wall: Witness to the War in Ukraine

August 17-September 15, 2023: Re/connections

July 5-28, 2023: Shades of Crimson

May 31-June 27, 2023: World of Warhol

May 3-12, 2023: TBD : Software Art

March 23-April 25, 2023: Walled Gardens

February 23-March 15, 2023: Adventures Abroad

January 18-February 16, 2023: Life in Light and Shadow

November 30, 2022-January 11, 2023: The Art of Becoming

November 1-22, 2022: UW-W Veteran Services Tattoos: Stories of Service

October 4-27, 2022: We Keep Us Safe

Gallery Purpose

To collaborate with campus departments, student organizations and community groups in coordinating and sponsoring exhibits.

Inspire individuals to explore their creativity and share their stories.

The Story of Roberta Avonn Fiskum

Donors: Robert and Yvonne Fiskum

Whether it was pottery, handwork, or graphic design, art played a large part in Roberta’s life, finally culminating with a graphic arts degree from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. At the time of her death, Roberta was an organist at Fontana Church, playing her last concert on July 4, 1993. A scholarship in the field of art and design has been established in her memory. Her mentor, UW-Whitewater art professor Amy Arntson, described Roberta as “an extremely creative, talented individual whose work showed a special sensitivity and intelligence.” It was the lifetime goal of Roberta to own an art gallery; therefore, her parents Robert and Yvonne Fiskum have funded this student art gallery in her memory. 

Contact and Hours

Summer Hours:

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am-2:00 pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

Extended hours until 4:00 pm: June 10, 12, 14, 18, 20, 25


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