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Apply here for the ULEAD Program today!

This 3-day program is aimed at first year students who expressed an interest in starting off their first year with a focus on success, involvement and meeting people. The ULEAD's key components are LEAD 101, campus comfort & knowledge of creating a collegiate involvement plan and learning about the campus and community governance structure. The participants also engage in a community service project for their fellow students on Move In Day. Program cost includes instructional materials and food. Participants pay $65 to attend.  2021 application link:

Check out the current ULEAD Brochure 

Participating in the ULEAD program allows first year students to adjust to moving to campus, get familiar with various campus resources, meet other Warhawks, and develop a plan for success for their first year. ULEAD allows students to find involvement opportunities early on in their academic career which will allow them to develop leadership skills they can utilize throughout their time at UWW. It costs $65 to attend the three-day program.

Applications for the ULEAD program open early summer - Apply Here!

For more information call 262-472-1471 or email


Scheduled Events:

  • Tips from Current Warhawks
  • Learn Your Way Around Campus
  • Diversity Training
  • Involvement & Classroom Success Plans
  • Panel Discussions with Faculty & Staff
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Settle-in Time
  • Meals Together
  • ULEAD Graduation & More!

ULEADers are students who graduated the ULEAD program and have chosen to help new warhawks adjust to campus life.

Find out more about becoming a ULEADer by calling 262-472-1471 or emailing