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Develop your skills at UW-Whitewater football events.


FB | Youth
June 18-20, 2023


FB | Perimeter
June 21-22, 2023


FB | Lineman
June 25-26, 2023


FB | Passing Jamboree
June & July 2023


FB | Prospect Showcase
2023 TBA Soon

Meet the Coaches

Kevin Bullis

Kevin Bullis
Head Coach &
Camp Director

Tim Shields

Tim Shields
Tight Ends/Offensive Tackles
Youth & Prospect Showcase

Jace Rindahl

Jace Rindahl
Defensive Coordinator
Youth Camp Director

Brent Allen

Ryan Cortez
Offensive Run Scheme/Line Coach
Lineman Camp Director

Brody Pogue

Brody Pogue
Passing Jamboree

Football Staff

Nick Pesik
Perimeter Camp

Football Team

Football Team
Support Staff

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