Community-Based Learning


Assessing student learning and contributions to community partners are important components of community-based learning. Thanks to the dedicated work of countless community-based learning faculty and staff practitioners across UW-Whitewater and the structure and support provided by the NASH Taking Student Success to Scale (TS3) grant, UW-Whitewater has established the following campus-wide Student Learning Outcomes and Evaluation Rubric for community-based learning, to be integrated into all UW-Whitewater CBL courses. 

  1. CBL Student Learning Outcomes 
  2. Evaluation Rubric 

In addition to direct assessment of student learning in each individual CBL course, the Office of Community-Based Learning has created the following surveys, to be administered each semester in each CBL course: 

Pre-CBL Student Survey:

Post-CBL Student Survey:

Community Partner Survey (Post-experience):

Our office can help you find resources to develop your evaluations and assessments. We also have examples that other programs have used, to help you design an approved evaluation method. Please see our Resources page for an extensive list of additional resources!