Community-Based Learning


Assessing student learning and contributions to community partners are important components of Community-Based Learning. Our office can help you find resources to develop your evaluations and assessments. We also have examples that other programs have used, to help you design an approved evaluation method.

  1. Community-Based Learning Fellows Program

    Faculty members interested in developing a Service-Learning course can apply to the Community-Based Learning (CBL) Fellows Program. CBL Fellows meet regularly throughout the fall and spring semester to discuss readings and develop skills to make service-learning a successful experience for students. Click here for the most recent PDF to apply to the program. 

  2. LEARN Center Workshops 

    For faculty members interested in learning more about developing a community-based learning course, we offer one LEARN Workshop each semester. See the LEARN Center schedule of events for more information or watch for an announcement in our biannual newsletter.

    • Funding

    The UW-Whitewater Office of Research and Sponsored Programs ( is instrumental in developing, implementing, and formalizing activities of UWW students, staff, and faculty with outside entities. They can help develop and negotiate grants and other funding opportunities, and have the authority to sign agreements for the University. In addition, they are always looking for community partners for their research and sponsored programs. Contact Information: Carl A. Fox,

    We encourage you to have an orientation session before you send students into the community as part of your course. The orientation should include things like:

    • What to expect
    • Safety off-campus
    • Professionalism
    • Communication with faculty and community partners
    • Reflection as  part of the experience

    Our office can help you design the orientation and work with community partners to determine what information should be included.