Community-Based Learning


Honors-CBL Exchanges: An Agreement between Community-Based Learning and the University Honors Program 

This is an agreement between Community-Based Learning (CBL) and the University Honors Program (UHP), both subunits of Student Diversity, Engagement and Success (SDES). It is intended to encourage eligible students to participate in both programs by recognizing and addressing the substantial resource commitment required of students who engage in high-impact educational practices. 

Beginning in Fall 2019, students in good standing in the University Honors Program will receive Honors "credits" - officially called Honors-CBL Exchanges - for their participation in CBL designated courses. The following terms and conditions will apply: 

  1. For their successful completion of a 3-credit CBL-designated course, which includes 15 hours of direct contact in addition to prep/training, project work, and reflection, Honors students will earn Honors-CBL Exchanges equivalent to 3 Honors credits. 
  2. For CBL courses that are not 3-credit courses, the number of direct contact hours and other requirements will be commensurately adjusted.
  3. In order to graduate with University Honors, a student must maintain a minimum cumulative UW-W GPA of 3.4 and earn twenty-one (21) Honors credits. 
  4. In accordance with the UHP residency requirements, a minimum of nine (9) Honors credits must be earned through Honors coursework and/or H-Options. 
  5. Current Honors students in good standing may apply for Honors-CBL Exchanges to be retroactively honored. 
  6. The UHP will oversee the recordkeeping of Honors-CBL Exchanges earned by students in both programs and report the exchanges to the Registrar's Office accordingly. 

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For more information, please contact:

The University Honors Program at

(262) 472-1296