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Start Date End Date Events Reg Closes
24-Nov 24-Nov Online Digital Photography: Portraits 12-Nov
27-Nov 27-Nov Fall Baseball 25-Nov
29-Nov 20-Dec Volleyball: Girls Skills Clinic 27-Nov
01-Dec 22-Dec Minecraft Tourist Trap: Museum 28-Nov
01-Dec 01-Dec Online Digital Photography: Storytelling 01-Dec
01-Dec 22-Dec Online Minecraft Time Travel 01-Dec
05-Dec 26-Dec Minecraft Tourist Trap: Museum 28-Nov
05-Dec 26-Dec Minecraft Tourist Trap: Museum 01-Dec
27-Dec 31-Dec Winter Baseball 23-Dec

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Start Date End Date Events Reg Closes
05-Jan 05-Jan Heritage Language Certification: Race and Ethnic Studies Part 2 10-Sep
05-Jan 20-May Online String Academy 20-Feb
05-Jan 20-May Online Voice Academy 20-Feb
08-Jan 08-Jan Academic Decathlon
12-Jan 12-Jan Middle School Math Meet
13-Jan 28-Apr Heritage Language Education: Race & Ethnic Studies 10-Sep
16-Jan 03/Feb Online ACT Strategies 11-Jan
28-Jan 04-Mar Online Teen and Tween Sign Language 27-Jan
31-Jan 31-Jan Trombone Day
03-Feb 03-Feb Talented and Gifted Leadership Workshop
13-Feb 13-Feb Online Elements of Beautiful & Functional Landscape 10-Feb
13-Feb 13-Feb Online Piano Day 12-Feb
20-Feb 20-Feb Softball Hitting 18-Feb
27-Feb 27-Feb Softball Pitching 25-Feb
27-Feb 27-Feb Online Sensational Shrubberies & Small Trees 26-Feb
28-Feb 14-Mar Spring Baseball 25-Feb
20-Mar 20-Mar Online Container Gardening Basics & Beyond 19-Mar
20-Mar 20-Mar WMTA Piano Audition
23-Mar 27-Apr Online Adult Sign Language for Beginner 22-Mar
25-Mar 29-Apr Online Teen and Tween Sign Language 24-Mar
09-Apr 10-Apr Online Early Childhood Conference
10-Apr 10-Apr Zen Rocks (Mandala Rock Painting)  09-Apr
11-Apr 11-Apr Soccer: Men's College Prep 10-Apr
18-Apr 18-Apr Soccer: Men's College Prep 17-Apr
22-Apr 23-Apr Online University of Wisconsin System Research Symposium
24-Apr 24-Apr WSMA Solo/Ensemble
24-Apr 24-Apr Zen Rocks (Mandala Rock Painting)  23-Apr
01-May 01-May Bass Fest Clinic 30-Jun
22-May 09-Jun ACT Strategies (On campus tentative) 17-May

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Start Date End Date Events Reg Closes
04-Jun 06-Jun Early Music Festiaval
11-Jun 13-Jun Association for Research and Enlightenment
13-Jun 15-Jun Boy's Basketball Offensive Skills Camp
13-Jun 18-Jun Choir Camp
13-Jun 23-Jul Upward Bound
13-Jun 25-Jun Pre-College CAP 1-3
14-Jun 17-Jun Tennis: College Prep Camp 09-Jun
16-May 16-May Cello Fest 09-May
17-Jun 20-Jun Chatter Matters Camp
17-Jun 20-Jun Basketball Girls: Fundamental 1 Camp
18-Jun 20-Jun Tennis: Adult Camp 17-Jun
19-Jun 19-Jun Football Passing Jamboree Clinic
20-Jun 22-Jun Football Youth Camp
20-Jun 23-Jun Basketball Girls: Fundamental 2 Camp
20-Jun 23-Jun Basketball Women's Wheelchair Camp
20-Jun 24-Jun I want to be a Teacher Camp
20-Jun 25-Jun COBE Summer Business Institute
20-Jun 25-Jun String Orchestra Camp
23-Jun 27-Jun Baseketball Co-Ed Wheelchair Camp
24-Jun 25-Jun Football Perimeter Camp
25-Jun 26-Jun Grandchildren's University Camp
26-Jun 26-Jun Football Passing Jamboree Clinic
27-Jun 28-Jun Football Lineman Camp
27-Jun 28-Jun Football Perimeter Camp
27-Jun 30-Jun Volleyball Girls All Skills Volleyball Camp
27-Jun 02-Jul Tennis: Junior Session One Camp 23-Jun
27-Jun 02-Jul Jazz Camp
01-Jul 02-Jul Volleyball Youth Day
05-Jul 10-Jul Rock Band Camp
06-Jul 9-Jul Volleyball Position Camp
07-Jul 10-Jul Soccer Boy's High School Camp
08-Jul 10-Jul Badger Region Volleyball
10-Jul 10-Jul Football Passing Jamboree Clinic
11-Jul 13-Jul Soccer Boys Youth Camp
11-Jul 14-Jul Volleyball All Skills Session Two Camp
11-Jul 15-Jul Gymnastics Session One Camp
11-Jul 15-Jul Flute Camp
11-Jul 16-Jul Piano Camp
11-Jul 16-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Two Camp 07-Jul
11-Jul 17-Jul Forensics Camp
12-Jul 25-Jul Ecology & Geology of Yellowstone & the Upper Great Plains Travel Study
13-Jul 15-Jul Soccer Girl's Youth
13-Jul 15-Jul Soccer Girl's High School
14-Jul 17-Jul Volleyball All Skills Session Three Camp
15-Jul 16-Jul Cyber High Camp
16-Jul 18-Jul Gymnastics High Performance Camp
17-Jul 17-Jul Football Passing Jamboree Clinic
18-Jul 20-Jul Boy's Basketball Shooting Camp
18-Jul 22-Jul Gymnastics Session Two Camp
18-Jul 23-Jul Cross Country Camp
18-Jul 23-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Three Camp 14-Jul
18-Jul 23-Jul Band: Middle School Camp
19-Jul 21-Jul Woodstock High School Football
25-Jul 28-Jul Boy's Basketball Fundamental Camp
25-Jul 29-Jul Gymnastics Session Three Camp
25-Jul 30-Jul Tennis: Junior Session Four Camp 21-Jul
25-Jul 30-Jul Band: High School Camp
26-Jul 26-Jul College for Kids
28-Jul 01-Aug Lemont High School Marching Band
31-Jul 01-Aug MS Bike Tour
03-Jul 01-Aug Basketball Girls Elite Camp
01-Aug 02-Aug CowaLUNGa Charity Bike Tour
01-Aug 05-Aug Gymnastics Session Four Camp
01-Aug 06-Aug Solo Voice Camp
01-Aug 06-Aug Percussion Camp
01-Aug 06-Aug Tennis: Junior Session Five Camp
02-Aug 06-Aug Glenbard West High School Band
02-Aug 22-Aug Natural History of Yellowstone & the Upper Great Plains Travel Study
04-Aug 06-Aug Girl's Basketball Elite Camp
09-Aug 09-Aug College for Kids

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Start Date End Date Events Reg Closes

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