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Start Date End Date Events Audience Overnight vs Day Clinic
06-Jun 07-Jul GymHawks Classess Summer One Grade 1 -12 Clinic
07-Jun 21-Jul Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Education Age 18+ Workshop
08-Jun 20-Jul Afro-Centric Spanish Heritage lanauge Education Age 18+ Workshop
10-Jun 12-Jun Association for Research & Enlightenment 
10-Jun 12-Jun Tennis| Adult Age 21+ Overnight
11-Jun 11-Jun Wrestling Duals Grade 9-12 Clinic
12-Jun 14-Jun Basketball | Offensive Skills Camp Grade 4-12 Overnight
12-Jun 16-Jun Game Development | Middle School Grade 6-8 Overnight
12-Jun 17-Jun Musical Theatre | Choir Camp Grade 7-12 & grad seniors Overnight
12-Jun 17-Jun Percussion Camp Grade 7-12 Overnight
12-Jun 22-Jul Upward Bound Grade 9-12 Overnight
13-Jun 17-Jun Freshwater Camp Grade 9-12
13-Jun 13-Jun GymHawks Team Summer One Grade 1-12 Clinic
15-Jun 15-Jun A Day with Teepa Snow Age 18+ Workshop
15-Jun 15-Jun Football | Prospect Showcase Grades 9-12 Clinic
15-Jun 19-Jun Fencing Coach Camp Atge 18+ Overnight
16-Jun 19-Jun Basketball | Girls Fundamental 1 Grade 5-8 Overnight
16-Jun 19-Jun Chatter Matters Age 5-15 Overnight
18-Jun 18-Jun Football | Passing Jamboree 1 Grade 9-12 Clinic
18-Jun 22-Jun Basketball | Womens Wheelchair All ages Overnight
19-Jun 21-Jun Football | Youth Grade 5-8 Overnight
19-Jun 22-Jun Basketball | Girls Fundamental 2 Grade 7-12 Overnight
19-Jun 23-Jun Game Development | High School Grade 9-12 & grad senior Overnight
19-Jun 24-Jun Pre-College STEER Grade 6-8 Overnight
19-Jun 24-Jun String Orchestra Grade 7-12 Overnight
20-Jun 23-Jun Tennis | College Prep Grade 10-12 & grad senior Overnight
21-Jun 24-Jun Bowling | College Prep Grade 9-12 & grad senior Overnight
21-Jun 05-Jul En Comunidad: Building Thematic Units for the Spanish Heritage Classroom Age 18+ Workshop
22-Jun 22-Jun June Blooms in the UW-Whitewater Nature Preserve Tour All ages Workshop
22-Jun 26-Jun Basketball | Wheelchair Co-Ed Age 8-18 Overnight
23-Jun 24-Jun Football | Perimeter Skills Grade 9-12 Overnight
23-Jun 24-Jun Football | Lineman Grade 7-12 Overnight
25-Jun 25-Jun Football | Passing Jamboree 2 Grade 9-12 Clinic
26-Jun 30-Jun I want to Be a Teacher Camp Grade 9-12 Overnight
26-Jun 01-Jul Tennis | Junior 1 Age 12-18 Overnight
26-Jun 01-Jul Jazz Camp Grade 9-12 & grad seniors Overnight
26-Jun 01-Jul Fine Art Age 12-18 Overnight
27-Jun 01-Jul STEM | Engineering Week Age 6-14 Clinic
06-Jul 08-Jul Volleyball | Girls All Skills 1 Grade 5-12 Overnight
06-Jul 25-Jul Bilingual/Biliteracy Teaching Methods Adults 18+ Workshop
07-Jul 08-Jul Fort Atkinson High School Football
07-Jul 09-Jul Soccer | Boys High School Grade 9-12 Overnight
09-Jul 09-Jul Football | Passing Jamboree 3 Grade 9-12 Clinic
09-Jul 13-Jul Gymnastics 1 Age 6-18 Overnight
10-Jul 12-Jul Soccer | Girls Camp Grade 4-12 Overnight
10-Jul 12-Jul Volleyball | Girls All Skills 2 Grade 5-12 Overnight
10-Jul 14-Jul Flute Week Grade 8-12 Overnight
10-Jul 15-Jul Piano Camp Grade 6-12 Overnight
10-Jul 15-Jul ACT Prep Camp | Math and Science Grade 10-12 Overnight
10-Jul 15-Jul Global Awareness Projects for Sustainability Grade 6-12 Overnight
10-Jul 15-Jul Tennis | Junior 2 Age 12-18 Overnight
10-Jul 15-Jul WFCA South Football All-Stars | Non-Affiliated
10-Jul 16-Jul Forensics Grade 9-12 Overnight
11-Jul 15-Jul STEM | Civil Engineering Week Age 6-14 Clinic
12-Jul 14-Jul Soccer | Boys Youth Grade 4-8 Overnight
13-Jul 15-Jul Volleyball | Girls All Skills 3 Grade 5-12 Overnight
14-Jul 16-Jul Gymnastics High Performance Age 12-20 Overnight
16-Jul 16-Jul Football | Passing Jamboree 4 Grade 9-12 Clinic
16-Jul 16-Jul Whitewater Classic - Madison Scouts | Non-Affiliated
16-Jul 20-Jul Gymnastics 2 Age 6-18 Overnight
17-Jul 19-Jul Volleyball | Girls Position Grade 7-12 & grad seniors Overnight
17-Jul 19-Jul Volleyball | Girls All Skills 4 Grade 5-12 Overnight
17-Jul 20-Jul KEMPA Summer Journalism Grade 9-12 Overnight
17-Jul 21-Jul Cross Country Grade 7-12 Overnight
17-Jul 22-Jul ACT Prep Camp | Reading and English Grad 10-12 Overnight
17-Jul 22-Jul Tennis | Junior 3 Age 12-18 Overnight
17-Jul 22-Jul Band | High School Grade 9-12 Overnight
18-Jul 20-Jul Language Ideologies in the Spanish as a Heritage Language Classroom Age 18+ Workshop
18-Jul 22-Jul STEM | Escape to the Robots Week Age 6-14 Clinic
20-Jul 20-Jul July Blooms in the UW-Whitewater Nature Preserve All Ages Workshop
20-Jul 22-Jul Wauconda High School Football | Non-Affiliated
20-Jul 23-Jul Badgerette Pom Pom/Dance | Non-Affiliated
21-Jul 23-Jul Amos Alonzo Stagg HS Football | Non-Affiliated
24-Jul 28-Jul Esports Summer Camp Session One Grade 7-12 Overnight
23-Jul 27-Jul Gymnastics 3 Age 6-18 Overnight
24-Jul 26-Jul Basketball | Boys Shooting Camp Grade 4-12 Overnight
24-Jul 29-Jul Tennis | Junior 4 Age 12-18 Overnight
24-Jul 29-Jul Band | Middle School Grade 6-8 Overnight
05-Jul 27-Jul Wheeling HS Football | Non-Affiliated
25-Jul 29-Jul College for Kids Grade 1-9 Clinic
27-Jul 29-Jul Bowling | Coed General Camp Grade 7-12 & grad senior Overnight
27-Jul 31-Jul Glenbard West HS Band | Non-Affiliated
27-Jul 31-Jul Lemont High School Band | Non-Affilliated
26-Jul 28-Jul Prospect Football | Non-Affilliated
30-Jul 03-Aug Gymnastics 4 Age 6-18 Overnight
31-Jul 01-Aug CowaLUNGa | Non-Affiliated
31-Jul 02-Aug Basketball | Boys Fundamental Grade 4-12 Overnight
31-Jul 04-Aug Esports Summer Camp Session Two Grade 7-12 Overnight
31-Jul 05-Aug Tennis | Junior 5 Age 12-18 Overnight
31-Jul 05-Aug Solo Voice 2022 Grade 9-12 & Grad Seniors Overnight
01-Aug 07-Aug UW-Whitewater Chamber Music Institute
04-Aug 04-Aug Bowling Intro Grade K - 5 Clinic
04-Aug 05-Aug Basketball | Girls Elite Grade 9-12 Overnight
04-Aug 04-Aug Virtual Endless Possibilities Age 18+ Workshop
05-Aug 05-Aug Bowling Day Grade 5-12 & grad seniors Clinic
06-Aug 14-Aug Scuba Certification Course Age 18+ Clinic
08-Aug 01-Sep GymHawks Classes Summer Session Two Grade 1 - 12 Clinic
08-Aug 12-Aug Esports Virtual Summer Camp Grade 7-12 Clinic
10-Aug 10-Aug Trees of the UW-Whitewater Campus Tour All ages Workshop
17-Aug 17-Aug South Campus Core Tour All ages Workshop
18-Aug 18-Aug Soccer | Mens College Prep Session One Grade 9-12 Clinic
20-Aug 20-Aug August Blooms in the UW-Whitewater Nature Preserve Tour All ages Workshop
22-Aug 26-Aug Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Academy | Non-Affiliated
24-Aug 24-Aug North Campus Core Tour All ages Workshop
28-Aug 28-Aug Soccer | Mens College Prep Session Two Grade 9-12 Clinic
30-Aug 30-Aug History of the Whitewater Normal School Grounds Tour All ages Workshop

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Start Date End Date Events Audience
01-Sept 01-Sept Beer Matters Age 21+
06-Sept 06-Sept Old Main and the Salisbury Era of Whitewater Normal School Tour All Ages
18-Sep 18-Sep Soccer | Mens College Prep Session Three Grade 9-12
20-Sept 27-Oct Online Adult Sign Language Age 18+
05-Oct 05-Oct Seed Collecting in the UW-Whitewater Nature Preserve Tour All Ages
14-Oct 14-Oct KEMPA Scholastic Journalism Conference
15-Oct 15-Oct Super Science Saturday All Ages
15-Oct 15-Oct WSMA State Marching Band
15-Nov 15-Nov Online Digital Photography | Composition and Light Age 18+
22-Nov 22-Nov Online Digital Photography | Portraits Age 18+
29-Nov 29-Nov Online Digital Photography | Storytelling Age 18+
30-Nov 30-Nov Creative Writing Festival

Click on the title of an event to explore more details.  

Start Date End Date Events Audience
12-Feb 12-Feb Track and Field | Learn By Doing
16-May 30-May Travel Study | Extreme Weather UW-W College Student

Let us know how we can help!  Contact us any time via or call Whitewater campus at (262) 472-3165 or Rock County campus at (608) 758-6546.

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