Study Abroad

Myths About Studying Abroad

Myth #1: Studying abroad is too expensive

Reality: UW-Whitewater offers hundreds of education abroad programs that range in cost. Some programs have a cost of attendance very comparable to studying at UW-Whitewater. Further, studying abroad is an investment in your future.

Students can plan ahead by saving for their experience, applying for financial aid and scholarships, and considering program cost as a factor when selecting a program. The programs listed on this site have been approved by UW-Whitewater, which allows most financial aid to apply to study abroad.

There are also a number of UW-Whitewater and outside scholarships available specifically for study abroad participants.

Myth #2: It is necessary to be fluent in a second language to study abroad

Reality: The majority of study abroad programs are designed for students of all language levels or are taught in English. To find programs taught in a specific language specify a "Language of Instruction" and/or a "Target Language" when searching for programs.

Myth #3: Studying abroad will delay graduation

Reality: Many students study abroad and still graduate in four years. Students earn credits toward graduation requirements while abroad, and with proper approval, these credits can satisfy major, minor, or general education requirements.

Myth #4: It would be better to wait until after graduation to travel abroad

Reality: It can be difficult to find time after graduation to study or travel in another country. College is a unique time in your life that allows you to spend up to a whole summer, semester, or year immersing yourself in a new culture.

Myth#5: It's difficult to get accepted

Reality: Most students who meet the minimum qualifications and complete the application process are accepted to study abroad. UW-Whitewater is looking to increase the number of students studying abroad, and will work closely with students to find the program that best meets their needs and qualifications.

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