Satisfactory/No Credit Grade Basis

Satisfactory/No Credit Grade Basis

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 Special permission is not needed to enroll for a course on a satisfactory/no credit basis. The S/NC option may be selected by using WINS. See Course Add and Drop, Grade Basis Change, and Refund Deadlines in the Schedule of Classes for each semester for last day to add or change to S/NC. The S/NC stipulations are as follows:

  • The S/NC option will be limited to a maximum of fifteen (15) credits in an undergraduate degree program. Developmental courses (e.g., MATH 40 or ENGLISH 90) that do not count toward the minimum credits necessary for graduation and credit courses offered only on an S/NC basis are not included in the fifteen unit limitation.


  • Courses that are used to fulfill a student's major/minor requirements, lower/upper BBA degree requirements, any College of Business and Economics course attempted by a BBA student, and General Education core courses may not be taken on an S/NC basis unless the course is offered only on an S/NC basis by the department. Proficiency, General Education options, unique major/minor, and elective courses may be taken on an S/NC basis.


  • The S/NC option is available to any student without regard to grade point average or class standing. The decision to take a course for S/NC must be recorded on WINS by the deadline published in the Schedule of Classes. After the deadline to change the grading basis, the S/NC basis will not be changed to a conventional grade basis or vice versa.


  • Satisfactory (S) is the equivalent of a grade of C or better (C- is not acceptable). The S will be recorded on the academic record but it will not be computed in the grade point average. Course work that does not merit a C or better will be graded NC. The NC grade will appear on the academic record but the course credits will not be counted in earned credits or the grade in the grade point average.


  • The S/NC option cannot be used to repeat a course taken for a conventional (e.g., ABCDF) grade. Veterans should refer to the VA Educational Assistance section of either the Schedule of Classes or the University Catalog, or check with the Veterans Certifying Official in the Registrar's Office.

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