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Application Process

Transcripts, Credits, and Grades

Application Process

How do I send my UW-Whitewater transcript to my study abroad program or host university?

Students can request UW-Whitewater transcripts online from the UW-W Registrar's Office webpage here: There is a small fee for ordering official transcripts.  Transcripts can be mailed (either to you or directly to your program, and standard postage is included in the fee), or you can request to pick up your transcript at the Registrar's Office (Roseman Hall, Room 2032).

The Registrar's Office cannot email transcripts.  If your program requires you to upload or email your transcript, you should request an official transcript (for pick-up, or have it mailed to yourself), and then scan it. Alternatively, if your program indicates that an unofficial transcript is acceptable, you can access your unofficial transcript in WINS and either print and scan it, or "print as PDF."

Vaccines for Travel Study

Is there a low-cost vaccination location near UW-Whitewater?

The Rock County Public Health Services; 3328 North US Highway 51, PO Box 1088, Janesville, WI 53545-1088; 608-757-5440

Transcripts, credits, and grades

Do my grades from my host university appear on my UW-Whitewater transcript?

Yes! When UW-Whitewater receives your host university transcript upon completion of your program, UW-Whitewater will convert the credits and grades you received at your host university to U.S. credits and letter grades (if your host university utilizes a different credit and grading system than those used in the U.S.), and those U.S. credits and letter grades will appear on your UW-Whitewater transcript.

Can I take a course abroad on a pass/fail (Satisfactory/No Credit) grade basis?

If you are taking a UW-Whitewater course abroad (e.g. a UW-Whitewater faculty-led travel study course), you can select S/NC as a grading option in WINS, as with other UW-Whitewater courses.

If you are taking courses at another institution (ie. on a study abroad/exchange program), UW-Whitewater will convert your study abroad grades to U.S.-style letter grades, and those U.S. grades will appear on your UW-W transcript. The only way to have a study abroad course come back to UW-W as S/NC  is if your host university offers the option to take a class on a pass/fail basis (note that not all universities offer this option) and you follow your host university's procedures for signing up for that option.

If you are considering taking a course abroad on an S/NC basis, there are some UW-W policies regarding S/NC courses that it will be important for you to keep in mind  - see

How and when do I get my study abroad courses to show up on my UW-Whitewater academic record?

Your study abroad coursework will be recorded on your UW-Whitewater transcript only after the Office of Global Experiences receives a transcript from your host institution. Please note that it may take up to 3 months after the completion of your study abroad program for your transcript to arrive to our office. Many, but not all, study abroad programs will arrange to send students' transcripts to their home university automatically. However, if your host university or study abroad provider needs you to complete a transcript request form or asks you to confirm where your transcript should be sent, please have it sent to the following address:

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