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The purpose of these funds is to support professional enrichment activities that are not currently supported by existing Professional Development Program (PDP) funding.  These funds are provided in addition to university allocated PDP to provide support up to the amount allocated by centralized support. Eligible expense includes on site research, materials for exhibitions, publication costs, library fees, research costs or supplies, etc.  (Please see the Professional Development Fund guidelines approved 9/10/2012 for policy details on expenditures that are not covered by this request form.).   Please see the additional guidelines below for awarding of professional enrichment funds.   

  • Professional Enrichment funding will be provided to staff in addition to PDP funding an individual may request under those guidelines.
  • Individuals may be eligible for up to $250 each as part of this program.
  • Approval and distribution of the funds will be at the Dean's discretion, and the funds will reside in a project code in the Dean's office.
  • We are not able to use campus funds to pay for individual memberships. However, if it is appropriate for the University to hold an institutional membership that the individual can utilize, a request can be made to purchase a University membership using campus funds.
  • The funds will be provided in accordance with the UW System policy on Copyrightable Instructions Material Ownership, Use, and Control (G27).  This policy basically indicates that work produced using materials purchased with University funds will be the property of the individual unless there is a substantial contribution by the University, in which case a separate agreement should be negotiated.
  • Requests for funding approval must be submitted to the Dean's office no later than February 15 of each academic year.
  • Funds must be expended by May 1 of the academic year.  Funds do not carry over from year to year.  

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Profession Enrichment Fund Guidelines 

updated October 24, 2013