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Kathy Brady
Professor - Communication, Professor (Sv)

  • Department(s): Communication
  • Office Location: Heide Hall 406
  • Phone: (262) 472-1726
  • Email:
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Advising Award
Department of Communication, UW-Whitewater
University Advising Award
May 2013
Midnight Audio Theatre National Script Writing Award Winner
April 2012

Learning from losers: Ad students and what they can learn from bad local radio ads
But she's my mom, Sergeant: The Army and its disregard of mothers
Selling what they won't buy: Teaching radio and copy to students who eschew the medium

Theory vs. Practice: A Study of Business Consultants and Their Utilization of Corporate Culture in Daily Practice
Journal of Practical Consulting
They also serve.
Journal of Military Experience
Going Home. Radio Drama Script
Erlich, Radio Utopia: Postware Audio Documentary in the Public Interest
Journal of Radio and Audio Media
Vol. 19 Iss. 2 Pg. 332-334
Football fans do wear pink: Changes in television broadcast, female football viewers, and their NFL
Fandemonium: Explorations of Fan Power, Identity and Socialization. A.C. Earnheardt, P.M. Haridakis, & B. Hugenberg , Eds.
Freelance technical writers and their place outside corporate culture: HIgh and low corporate culture styles
Technical Communication Quarterly
Vol. 20 Iss. 2 Pg. 34-48
Pesticides and Politics: A Wisconsin Town Battles Bugs and Bureaucracy
Wsiconsin Magazine of HIstory: Wisconsin State Historical Society