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Nick Andersen

Nick Andersen is a Music Performance major in trumpet with a minor in Entrepreneurship. “I chose to pursue Trumpet Performance as I love the feeling of performing for a live audience. I also feel as if music can really impact somebody and want to use music to inspire and impact people. As an Entrepreneurship minor, I have to eventually learn to market myself and my musical ability, this minor felt like the perfect way to achieve this.”


Why did you come to UW-Whitewater?
“I came to UW-Whitewater because of the faculty that is here. There are so many faculty members here that are supportive of your desires and goals. I also was here so many times for many different events and performances that it felt familiar to me already.”


Are you part of any student organizations?
“I am not on the E-Board of any student organizations but have taken part in Track and Field and also been a part of SOOMCAT (Student Organization of Music Composers and Theorists).


Are there any artists you draw inspiration from?
“I take inspiration from many different artists. One of my favorite Trumpet players that I often listen to is Sergei Nakariakov. He is a performer whose sound I wish to emulate. As a solo trumpet player, his strong foundation in fundamentals is something I strive for in my practice. His soloistic and musical playing is something I wish to achieve in my performances. Another Trumpet player I listen to is Michael Sachs. He is the principal trumpet for the Cleveland Orchestra and as an orchestral musician, hearing how he performs and the style he uses for the toughest orchestral excerpts is what I use for reference in my own orchestral playing.


Tell us about one of your favorite class projects.

“One of my favorite projects I have gotten to work on is my Upper Divisional Jury. It was the first time I have gotten to prepare a work of that magnitude and perform it. It helped me grow as a musician a lot and really impacted my own solo playing as well.”


What is your favorite part about being in the Department of Music?
“My favorite part about being in the music department at UW-Whitewater is how many opportunities you have. Being a part of this department has allowed me to perform at many gigs, and also perform as part of groups I never would have thought of.”


What is your favorite part about being a Warhawk?
“The size and the vibe of campus life. Whitewater isn’t too big but still feels like a college campus. Being here makes me feel as if I am in college where if I was in a city, I wouldn’t feel the same way. There are also many things you can do on campus such as intramural sports, going to football games, hanging out at the UC and many other activities.”


What has been your favorite class to date?
“My favorite class to date has been my Arranging Class. I went into the class a little nervous as I didn’t know what to expect but as I am in the class now, it is way more fun than I expected it to be. Arranging music allows you to put your own ideas into music that you like and is really fun to hear come together.”


Do you have hobbies outside of music?
“Outside of music my hobbies include working out, watching sports and playing video games. They act as stress relief for me and allows me to not worry as much about the stresses of everyday life.”


What advice would you give to a potential UW-Whitewater music student?
“Don’t be afraid to ask questions and focus on being musical when practicing. Everybody loves to focus on the technical side of playing, but this will leave a larger impact on your audience than the technical side of playing.”

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