Faculty Senate

Faculty Emeritus Procedures


In keeping with the tradition of the academy, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UW-W) awards to those who have served the institution with distinction the honor of the title Emeritus/a. This policy articulated here lays out the details of the conferring of that title and the privileges earned therein. This policy applies only to Faculty who have retired from UWW carrying the rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Full Professor. Policies related to the statuses conferred on retired Academic Staff and University Staff are found elsewhere.

Compliance with Board of Regents Policy

In compliance with Board of Regents policy 20-26, each UW Chancellor is authorized to grant an emeritus title to any faculty or staff member at their respective institution under the following conditions:

  • Exceptional, distinguished service (not automatic conferral at retirement)
  • Minimum of ten years of service


Any person being considered for Emeritus/a status must meet the following criteria:

  • retired from UWW with a faculty rank of Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, or Professor
  • retired from UWW after 10 or more years of service
  • contributed substantially to UWW through teaching, research, and/or service, as determined by their home department

Process of Conferral                                                                                                    

  1. Resolution drafted and approved by the home department (see below for resolution content)
  2. Resolution, with record of department vote, submitted by Department Chair to Faculty Senate Chair
  3. Vote by Faculty Senate (date of conferral)
  4. Resolution and Decision submitted by Faculty Senate Chair to the Office of the Chancellor
  5. Letter of Conferral sent from Chancellor to new Emeritus/a person, Alumni Office, and Faculty Senate.
  6. Emeritus/a’s information (with conferral date, resolution, and conferral letter) added to official database kept by the Alumni Office
  7. Emeritus/a’s information sent by Alumni Office to all relevant privilege granting offices/units
  8. Future Information Requests would go to Alumni Office (event invitation lists, etc.)

Revocation of Emeritus Status

An emeritus title is generally awarded for a lifetime, but it may be terminated for cause. The Chancellor, in consultation with the Faculty Personnel Rules Committee, shall develop a procedure that utilizes the Faculty Appeals, Grievances, and Disciplinary Hearings Committee to review the revocation of emeriti status.

Administration of Emeriti Data

Data records related to emeritus/a population will be managed by the Alumni Center. Data will include: name, contact information, dates of employment, date of conferral of emeriti status, emeritus/a resolution, letter of conferral.


In general, a UW System institution may not provide an individual granted an Emeritus/a title any salary, emolument, or special privilege that would exceed the privileges available to active employees in the same classification at the institution. The chancellor publishes the emeritus/a privileges and sends that list to appropriate governance groups.

Privileges for Emeritus Faculty are listed at the bottom of the University Relations page.

Resolution Content

Required Content

  • Retiree’s name
  • Retiree’s terminal degree and granting institution
  • Retiree’s years of service to UWW
  • Retiree’s retirement year
  • Retiree’s home department (author of the resolution)
  • Recommendation to the Chancellor that the title of Emeritus/a be conferred on the retiree

Additional Suggested Content

  • noteworthy accomplishments in teaching
    • courses/programs taught/led by the retiree
    • particularly successful and/or innovative teaching methods
  • noteworthy accomplishments in research and creative activity
    • outstanding presentations given by the retiree
    • outstanding publications or other contributions to the field
  • noteworthy accomplishments in service
    • distinguished service to the Department, College, or University
    • distinguished service to the profession
    • distinguished service to the community
  • awards and recognitions received by the retiree

These procedures were agreed upon by the Faculty Senate and the Chancellor on 2022-03-31.